With a name that tends to stand out among the rest, Miss USA is a high-potency indica-dominant hybrid that’s been creating quite the buzz among Elemental members. And the name isn’t the only thing about this strain that stands out: it routinely boasts a THC percentage of over 30 percent!


Miss USA comes to us from the minds behind DNA Genetics/Crockett Family Farms, who’re known for world-renowned strains such as Tangie and Chocolope, among many others. USA is the result of Strawberry Banana crossed with Kosher Dawg, which its aesthetics are highly reflective of. It offers the 'spiky,' kush-like bud structure of Kosher, while maintaining the subtly sweet, floral aroma of Strawberry Banana.


Our Steep Hill lab report shows that’s in large part due to the strain’s primary terpenes: limonene and myrcene.


Limonene is likely responsible for the mildly sweet and fruity fragrance that’s detectable upon first sniff. Effects-wise, it’s been associated with enhanced mood, as well as stress relief. On the other hand, myrcene provides an earthy, wood-like scent and is lauded for its pain relieving and sedative qualities. It’s also thought to increase the efficiency with which compounds like THC are able to cross the blood-brain barrier; a.k.a, it can increase the intensity of effects from medicating.


The visible attributes of the strain aren’t particularly overwhelming: a consistent forest green tone throughout the formation of the buds, accompanied by prevalent, yet slightly muted orange hairs. It responds well to initial touch, offering minimal give when squeezed and leaving remnants of its sticky resin on the ridges of patients’ fingers.


But appearance isn’t where Miss USA earns its keep.


Upon first puff, the strain’s Banana roots suddenly become much more apparent; the aroma’s sweet undertone is much more distinguishable in the smoked product—a welcomed surprise.


Without too much time to ponder the flavor profile, we quickly sense the strain’s highly lauded effects creeping up: a feeling of intense, but manageable, euphoria coupled with the influx of psychoactivity offered by its jaw-dropping THC levels. Though the THC stands its ground for the entirety of USA’s effects, the euphoria slowly gives way to a feeling of deep-seated relaxation, making it great evening-time medication.


“The flavor is unique: it’s sweet and delicate, but not super pronounced,” Elemental employee Michael Ingalls said. “I’ve found it to be great for pain relief and relaxation, but not overly sedative.”


Miss USA is a perfect 10/10 for high-tolerance patients seeking a heavy-hitting flower. Ask one of our consultants about this strain today!