Halloween is next week, and while ensuring the children are happy is (or at least probably should be) priority number one, we see no reason adults can’t have some fun as well. For our grown-up goblins, we offer a bevy of infused chocolates sure to add a sparkle to any visitor’s Halloween stash. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite chocolate confections currently available @ EWC:

Bhang’s CBD Fried Chicken and Cola Dark Chocolate Bar: One of our most recent additions to our chocolates selection, Bhang’s CBD Fried Chicken and Cola Bar provides a full-spectrum cannabinoid experience for those seeking more than just THC. Offering a 1:1 ratio (100mg CBD:100mg THC) helping to maximize the Entourage Effect, the new Bhang offers both psychoactive and therapeutic benefits for a well-rounded experience that’ll keep visitors coming back for more. Toss in a unique taste executed to perfection by Bhang’s expert flavor creators, and this treat delivers across the board – $16/each, WSL.

Day Dreamers’ Peppermint Bark Chocolate: Get a jumpstart on the upcoming holiday season, with Day Dreamers’ tasty Peppermint Chocolate Bar. Combining Belgian dark and white chocolate with crushed candy cane to create winter confection perfection, the team at Day Dreamers then adds 100mg THC sourced from hybrid flower sure to please both the taste buds and the brain. Great for anytime use during the holidays, no matter which one it is – $17/each, WSL.

Emerald Sky’s Peanut Butter Cups: Customize your experience with Emerlad Sky’s Peanut Butter Cups, available in three distinct varieties sure to meet the needs of any edible aficionado out there. For those preferring regular THC, check out our Indica and Sativa varieties, both weighing in at 100mg THC and offering Emerald’s award-winning flavor. For those looking to try something a bit different, we recommend CBN Cups offering 20mg CBN, 20mg CBD, & 100mg THC for a synergistic experience sure to sweeten up your day. Recommended for afterwork and/or evening use – all varieties $16/each, WSL.

Kiva’s Terra Espresso Bites: One of the longest-running, most-popular menu offerings in EWC history with good reason, any true cannaseur would be stoked to score some Kiva’s Terra Espresso Bites in their Halloween haul. These chocolate-covered espresso beans provide a perfectly doseable variety for low- to mid-tolerance visitors, offering twenty 5mg THC bites for easy, efficient consumption. Sourced from hybrid flower, though the espresso bean makes it suitable for early-day use for some visitors – $20/each, WSL.

Korova’s Chocolate Chip Dip Cookie: An ideal choice for our high-tolerance visitors, Korova packs a lot of THC into just a single cookie, helping you get right down to business with their Chocolate Chip Dip Cookie. This is a chocolate-chip cookie dipped in now-hardened liquid chocolate right down the middle for a tasty and versatile confectionary experience. With 100mg THC packed into this ‘mini cookie’ we definitely recommend starting out small, and waiting a couple of hours before increasing your dosage. $16/each, WSL.

So to our of-age trick-or-treaters: stop in this week and fill your Halloween bucket with some grown-up goodies. Ask your consultant about these, and other, amazing October edibles.

Be well!