We’re now in the thick of spooky season, smack dab in the middle of October with Halloween creeping up on us quickly. Summer is now just a distant memory as autumn lawn displays are now adorning front yards, football is fully underway, and EWC’s menu is filled with fall favorites. No matter your October plans, we have something in stock that fits your needs – let’s take a look at some of our current go-tos:

Claybourne’s Apples & Bananas: Since you’ll likely be indulging in sweets a bit more than usual this month, balance it out with some Apples & Bananas (29.17% THC) from one of our newest providers, Claybourne Co. Providing hard, tree-shaped nuggets sporting a deep purple hue with a beautiful layer of glistening resin coating its exterior, these proprietary genetics were hand-trimmed on the stem for a truly artisan result. A unique fruity, spicy terpene profile makes this rare strain a hit on every measurable level – $55/eighth, WSL

Up North’s Zkittlez OG: Start your sweets stash off right, with what’s sure to be the most flavorful treat in your Halloween haul, Zkittlez OG (35.88% THC) from the folks at Up North. Crossing Zkittlez x SFV OG, this strain offers a bit of a sour, earthy take on the famously sweet, candy-like strain, providing a memorable phenotype for the now-legendary Zkittlez family tree. Buds are compact and bulbous offering a vibrant-green body with merigold-orange hairs intertwined throughout – the strain’s absurdly high THC content leads us to recommend it to higher-tolerance visitors for nighttime use. $50/eighth, WSL.

Connected’s Hitchhiker Cured Cartridge:While October may (seemingly) be one of the worst months to pick up an actual hitchhiker, Connected’s Hitchhiker (76.50% THC) is the perfect concentrate complement for the season. Hitchhiker is regarded as a balanced hybrid even though its exact genetics are a total mystery; here, its dense, purple-laden nuggets have been extracted down to a golden-yellow concentrate and housed in Connected’s smooth-hitting cartridges. Its flavor can best be described as floral and gassy – with the strain’s hybrid nature, manageable THC content, and ease-of-use, Hitchhiker is great for working into an otherwise busy day while you’re on the go. $30/gram, WSL.

Raw Garden’s Gelato Live Diamonds: Rumor has it that some people out there are slipping mind-altering substances into Halloween candy – we’ll if you’re lucky that substance might just be Gelato Live Diamonds (89% THC) from Select. These shiny, translucent, great-smelling diamonds boast chunks of ‘diamonds’ slathered in gooey, golden sauce, creating a great selection for our dabbers seeking a top-shelf variety. Terpene profile is anchored by caryophyllene and limonene, making for a sweet, earthy flavor that is unmistakably descended from the Cookies family. $30/gram, WSL.

Nasha’s Moonstone Kush Hash: Howl at the moon this October with the solventless Moonstone Kush Hash (62.50% THC) from the team at Nasha Extracts. This mashup of powerhouse genetics crosses Master Kush x Bubba Kush, creating an intensely earthy, spicy flavor and seriously indica-leaning tendencies. This hash is unpressed with a granular consistency and golden, light-brown coloring making it ideal to be sprinkled in with flower, but can also be used as is when used in a hash pipe. $20/gram, WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, products perfect to stock your stash this October.

Be well!