A true underdog of the well-known Kush varieties, today’s Spotlight falls on a strain often overshadowed by sister strains such as OG, Purple, Master, etc. But Triangle Kush can hold its own with any of these heavy-hitters, boasting a decades-long resume and reputation among cannabis connoisseurs as an underrated variety. As is the case with many classic strains, the genetics on Triangle are the subject of intense debate, but the most commonly accepted narrative is that it’s a Hindu Kush x Emerald Triangle cross. It began its rise in Southern Florida sometime in the early-90s boasting genetics from a seed bank in Amsterdam, and is rumored to have been sourced from the same batch of seeds as the original OG Kush.

Triangle generally tends to sport dense, bulbous nuggets with vibrant green bodies and short, red-orange hairs while emitting a sweet-and-sour flavor profile that separates itself from the Kush bunch with a bit of extra emphasis on the sour. Primary terpenes caryophyllene and limonene anchor this aroma; generally considered a potent, heavier-indica-leaning variety and thus is mainly recommended for nighttime use by higher-tolerance visitors.

Elemental currently offers several Triangle Kush variants on the menu, starting with our TK flower (30.21% THC) from Floracal. Offering typical dense, bright-green buds with the sour-plus aroma, this is as good of a true representation of TK as you will find – $40/eighth, WSL. Pacific Reserve’s Triangle Mints (30.71% THC) crosses TK with Animal Mints, creating a (predictably) more-minty flavor with smaller, compact buds – $20/eighth, WSL. Rounding out loose flower, Pure Beauty’s Bermuda Triangle (30% THC) introduces TK to G13 Hashplant for a spicy, floral aroma with soft, muted-green nuggets – $40/eighth, WSL.

Visitors wanting to avoid the hassle of breaking down and rolling up, would be advised to look toward our pre-roll selection. Triangle Mints from Humboldt Trees (24.94% THC) offers a ready-to-use, 0.7-gram joint offered at a value price of just $6/each. The Triangle Mints Blunt from El Blunto (30.70% THC) offers hand-picked and broken-down buds stuffed in a 1.75-gram hemp wrap and topped off with a classy glass tip for the cherry on top. Great for group use, El Blunto is sure to get folks talking. $24/each, WSL.

So whether it’s shaping pizza, our nutritional recommendations, or Phil Jackson’s game-changing offensive scheme, Triangle is always doing big things and that’s certainly the case with Triangle Kush. Ask your consultant to check out our TK selection on your next visit.

Be well!