Happy October, EWC Family! We hope by now you’ve traded in your sunglasses and swimsuit for your pumpkin spice lattes and costumes ,as spooky season is officially upon us! Halloween isn’t until the end of the month, but we’re giving you plenty of reasons to celebrate now, as a trio of intriguing new arrivals anchor this month’s additions. Let’s check out what’s fresh on the menu:

Claybourne Farms’ Flower & Pre-rolls: The team at Claybourne Farms makes a massive splash on the menu bringing in their flower, single pre-rolls, and pre-roll packs to bolster our ever-growing selection. Boasting two indica-dominant, one sativa-dominant, and one high-CBD flower strain, Claybourne has a variety for everybody right now. With all high-THC varieties hovering around 30%, high-tolerance visitors will be sure to enjoy these potent picks; Gelato Quinn offers a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio to help maximize the Entourage Effect with manageable psychoactivity. $40-$45/eighth, WSL.

With six varieties of pre-rolls currently available, our on-the-go smokers will surely love these easy-to-use joints. Each roll is .5 grams and infused with kief, making for a powerful and efficient way to absorb your cannabinoids for the day – its size lends its use to personal sessions, making these a popular choice among those sneaking in some puffs on a busy day. $12/two-pack and $35/variety pack, WSL.

Maven’s Pre-rolls: Maven makes the move to the pre-roll menu as well, wrapping their award-winning genetics in natural, unbleached rolling paper designed to let you savor the Maven experience the way it was intended. Packed with the same premium indoor flower you’re accustomed to from Maven, these rolls are smooth and even, allowing visitors to kick back and just focus on their experience. These full-gram joints are strictly flower (no extracts added in), making them ideal for average-tolerance visitors seeking an old-school smoking experience.

Three unique varieties currently available: Tropicana Cookies (30.28% THC) a sativa-dominant variety with an earthy-and-citrus-like flavor profile; Golden Hour (32.56% THC) a balanced hybrid offering a sweet, floral aroma; and XXX OG (31.82% THC) an indica-leaning hybrid with a dank, earthy flavor. $14/each, WSL.

Raw Garden’s 1G PAX Pods: Raw Garden’s tasty, proprietary strains are now available in the one-gram variety of PAX Pods, perfect for longer use with your PAX Era. The sleek PAX Era designs may just be the most discreet method of public puffing currently available, and these new Raw Garden varieties slip right inside its narrow, modern design, ready for immediate use. 

Lucky for us, three distinct selections are currently available on the EWC menu! For our sativa stans, look no further than Limeade (86.11% THC) a Kosher Chem x Slymer cross offering a citrus-and-fuel-like aroma that’s ideal for morning and/or general daytime use. Orange Cookies (85.65% THC) provides a more balanced hybrid selection, emitting an earthy-and-fruity fragrance while better-suited for evening use. Rounding out this month’s Round-Up is Peach Blossom (80.52% THC) and indica-leaning hybrid with a sweet-and-floral terpene profile best reserved for after-work and/or nighttime use. $46/each, WSL.

Check out these, and other, new arrivals on your next visit for a scary-good experience. 

Be well!