This just in: summer is over. 

Maybe it was just that it was the first real summer back from COVID, or maybe Earth was actually spinning a bit faster, but this summer seemed to absolutely fly by. The good thing about the Bay Area is that our hottest days sometimes linger into fall, so if there’s any warm-weather activities you’ve been putting off this year – now is the time! For us, we’re ready to embrace the new season – there’s just something about puffing on some quality cannabis while the leaves begin to fall and the days begin to shorten that puts us in a certain type of mood. 

Let’s look at some of our favorite fall flower varieties currently available on the EWC menu:

Alien Labs’ Y2K: As the leaves on the trees begin to change colors, the leaves on your flowers should too, making the diversely colored Y2K (30.33% THC) from Alien Labs an ideal selection right now. With a body alternating between forest-green and light-purple, accentuated by vibrant orange-red hairs throughout, Y2K covers as much of the color spectrum as any strain currently on the menu. A nod to the early 2000s Bay Area grape strains, Y2K is the perfect tribute to a bygone era, offering a strong grape-like flavor with a hint of influence from Cookies genetics. This indica-dominant hybrid is ideal for after-work use, great for an end-of-day wind down. $55/eighth, WSL.

Connected’s Nightshade: As the days slowly begin to shorten, embrace the darkness with Connected’s Nightshade (31.58% THC). Offering tall, fluffy nuggets with a vibrant purple body coated with ample trichomes, Nightshade is sure to catch your eye simply off its jar appeal. Toss in a floral, Cookies-like terpene profile and a smooth, clean smoke and there’s nothing not to like here. As its name may suggest, this strain leans heavily toward the indica end of the spectrum, providing a reliable before-bedtime variety. $55/eighth, WSL.

Clout King’s Peanut Butter Cup: Maybe it’s just us, but peanut butter has always seemed like more of a fair-weather delicacy, making now the perfect time to indulge in Clout King’s top-shelf take on Peanut Butter Cup (32.90% THC). This Dosido x Mendobreath mashup results in dense, purple-laden buds offering an earthy, dank flavor that will drive cannasseurs nutty. This hybrid is indica-leaning, though not ultra-heavy for most visitors, making it a fantastic afternoon and/or evening selection. $60/eighth, WSL.

Floracal’s Cheetah Piss: Only in the cannabis world can you assume something with the word ‘Piss’ in it is going to be a quality product, and that’s certainly the case here with Floracal’s Cheetah Piss (30.02% THC). Crossing Lemonade x Gelato 42 x London Pound Cake 97, the result is the unique piss-like aroma (in a good way for the unfamiliar), coupled with tight, dense nuggets with a deep-green coloring throughout its structure. This sativa-dominant offering makes for a reliable mid-day go-to. $40/eighth, WSL.

Up North’s Lamb’s Bread: Break(down) Bread this autumn with those you care about, as the beloved Lamb’s Bread (38.72% THC) from the folks at Up North shines as a high-testing sativa variety perfect for the season. Revered as “one of Bob Marley’s favorite strains,” this landrace strain offers a spicy, cheesy aroma emitted from tall, chunky nuggets consistent with a prototypical sativa-dominant strain. This strain is as far toward the sativa-end of the spectrum as one can find nowadays, making for a perfect wake-and-bake option. $50/eighth, WSL.

So make like a tree, and leave (or don’t, and hit up our delivery team) wherever you’re at and get down to Elemental to snag some of these super seasonal strains. Ask your consultant about these, and other, fall flower features on your next visit.

Be well!