Some strains talk the talk, others walk the walk, and then there are a few special ones capable of both. Biscotti borrows its name from the classy confection originating from the Tuscan region of Italy, often paired with dessert wine and served at chic gatherings across the world. The strain has certainly done its best to bolster the Biscotti name, gaining a reputation as a world-class variety among cannabis connoisseurs and spawning a legion of phenotypes bred by ambitious growers looking to evolve these revered genetics. 

Biscotti was created by the influential Northern-California growers collective, The Cookies Fam by crossing Gelato x Florida OG. Technically a grandchild of Thin Mint Cookies, Biscotti is one of the most successful variants to be derived from Cookies lineage, generating a long-lived interest from cannabis partakers and a laundry list of awards on the competitive circuit. When grown optimally, Biscotti sports dense, purple nuggets accentuated with robust orange-red hairs and emits a refined sweet-and-earthy aroma consistent with what one would expect from Cookies-grade genetics. This heavily indica-leaning variety boasts a complex terpene profile anchored by beta-caryophyllene and linalool directly contributing to its intriguing flavor profile.

Let’s take a look at some of our current Biscotti offerings on the EWC menu:

For our flower fanatics we have two unique selections holding it down in Papa’s Herb’s Biscotti (25.30% THC) and Redwood Remedies’ Biscotti Sherbet (28.55% THC). The folks at Papa’s live in a world where quality and value coexist, offering these dense nuggets with vibrant orange hairs at a very agreeable price of just $20/eighth. Redwood Remedies doubles down with two classic Cookies-derived strains, producing chunky, purple nuggets coated with glistening trichomes creating a product that passes the eye test and the smoke test. $35/eighth, WSL.

For those short on time, Alien Labs comes up clutch with their Biscotti x Gelato 41 #38 preroll (23.59% THC). Another mashup of Cookies-influenced strains, the Gelato adds more of a balanced-hybrid influence here while offering a sweeter, fruit-like flavor. A bit better for daytime use than traditional Biscotti, feel confident utilizing this one during the day and getting back to your plans. $14/gram, WSL.

Rounding it out for our extract aficionados, we have the Biscotti Live Resin Disposable Cartridge (69.49% THC) from the award-winning team at Connected. Perfect for accompanying you to wherever the day may take you, this discreet, effective offering is ideal for slipping in a couple of puffs when you need it most. This smooth, golden oil draws effectively and consistently out of this unique cartridge design while perfectly translating Biscotti’s complex flavor profile into extract form. $42/half gram, WSL.

Biscotti is one of the industry’s hottest strains for a reason – ask your consultant to check out our offerings on your next visit to find out for yourself.

Be well!