We tend to believe if Bay Area-native Billie Joe Armstrong were composing ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ today, he’d likely choose a different month, as there are simply too many amazing new products arriving at Elemental to sleep your way through the month. With an influx of preroll, extract, and edible selections pouring onto the menu, there is truly something new for every type of cannabis connoisseur out there! Let’s take a look:

Alien Labs’ Prerolls: Among our most popular top-shelf providers, Alien Labs takes it to the next level with the addition of their new prerolls to the EWC menu. These high-quality prerolls are sourced from the same full flower as their beloved strains in nugget-form, just already broken down, rolled up, and ready to smoke for our visitors leading on-the-go lifestyles. The two varieties currently blessing the menu are Biscotti x Gelato 41 #38 (23.59% THC), a balanced hybrid offering a sweet-and-earthy terpene profile, and Y2K (26.03% THC), and indica-dominant cross offering a sweet, berry flavor and heavily purple buds. Biscotti x Gelato is recommended for anytime use, while we tend to reserve Y2K for after-work sessions. $14/each, WSL.

Connected’s Cartridges and Prerolls: Artisan additions are in no short supply this September, as the award-winning team from Connected piles it on with the arrival of their new prerolls AND cartridges. As is the case with Alien Labs, our flower fanatics can expect everything they’ve come to love about Connected’s normal flower offerings, just in preroll form. Biscotti (33.22% THC) is a our most potent offering, reserved for high-tolerance visitors seeking a balanced hybrid selection. Nightshade (28.59% THC) offers a bit milder THC content with a more indica-leaning effects profile, making it an ideal nighttime selection. Pantera Limone (24.32% THC) serves as a terpene-packed hybrid, oozing with a funky-and-earthy flavor that’s great for anytime use. $14/each, WSL.

You can find Connected’s new carts at the intersection of quality and value, offering their prize-winning genetics in extract form at just $30/gram. Biscotti (79.38% THC) provides consistently smooth draws with its famously refined Cookies-reminiscent terpene profile and balanced effects. Slow Lane (79.12% THC) is simply Biscotti crossed with Sugar Cone, offering a bit of a creamier, vanilla-like flavor with a prototypical hybrid effects profile. Compatible with 510-thread batteries, WSL.

Wunder Infused Beverages: Our new friends at Wunder bolster our ever-growing beverage selection with the addition of three fresh varieties from their Godspeak line. These offerings are unique in many ways, one of the most immediately identifiable being that they offer not only 100mg Delta-9 THC per can, but also an additional 25mg Delta-8 THC. Toss in a refined flavor profile reminiscent of Italian Soda, only 50 calories per can, and nearly no detectable cannabis taste, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Current flavors are: Blackberry Lemon, Blood Orange Bitters, and Watermelon Basil – $14/each, WSL.

Not to be forgotten, other new arrivals include: Jetty’s Solventless Dablicators, Jetty’s Solventless PAX Pods, Pacific Reserve’s 10-pack Prerolls, Select’s Elite Full-Gram Cartridges, Stiiizy Loose Extracts, Emerald Sky’s CBN Peanut Butter Cups, Korova’s Peanut Butter Cookies, & New Bhang Chocolate Flavors.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out these new varieties on your next visit to see why you’ll surely want to be awake before September ends.

Be well!