Happy August, EWC Family! 

We hope all your summer plans are coming to fruition as envisioned, and if not, there’s still time to get on it. For us, our intentions were to keep the quality products rolling in for our visitors all season, and this month is another big step toward achieving that. Edible aficionados will be elated to see a bevy of savory selections slide onto the menu, with new varieties aimed at every type of confectionary consumer. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Uncle Arnie’s Beverages: It’s simply all groovy all the time with our new friends at Uncle Arnies, who have blessed the menu with four unique varieties of their tasty, potent drinks. These beverages utilize ‘nanomolecular technology,’ which is key in breaking down cannabinoids for faster absorption into the bloodstream, and thus, faster-acting effects. Think 20-40 minutes, rather than the 1-2 hours accepted as the standard for most edibles. With 100mg THC spread out over just 8 fluid ounces, we recommend sipping cautiously or adding to another non-infused beverage to ensure you’re receiving a proper serving for your tolerance level. At just $12/bottle, Arnie’s offers both great quality and great value. WSL.

Shaman Juice’s Tinctures: Another new sippable selection, tinctures from the folks at Shaman Juice have shimmied onto the menu with three distinct flavors from which visitors can choose. Weighing in at 1000mg THC per unit, Shaman immediately finds itself among the most potent products available at EWC, while also offering some of the best value. At just $40/each, these tinctures are nano-infused as well, offering a quick activation time coupled with refined effects that help Shaman to impress on every measurable level. Employing a live-resin base along with Wild Heirloom Agave for a nuanced, sweet flavor, it’s a classic case of superior ingredients resulting in a superior final product. WSL.

Chewee’s Caramels: For our visitors who prefer something to nibble on, we’re happy to introduce our new Chewee’s Caramels, hitting the menu today (Monday, August 1st). These easily-doseable treats provide 100mg THC spread out over 10 bites, while being produced with vegetarian and gluten-free ingredients. We’re stoked to offer three fresh varieties, Caramel (Indica-dominant), Sea Salt Caramel (Indica-dominant), and Caramel Apple (Sativa-dominant), for a wide range of effects and flavors that are sure to please the palate and mind of any edible fan that may walk through our doors. $12/each WSL.

Keep an eye out for these August edible additions – be sure to ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new products on your next visit.

Be well and hope to see you again soon!