Happy July, EWC Family!

We hope you enjoyed June and Half Christmas for those who celebrate and have some positive energy riding into the new month. Things seem to be falling into place perfectly for a nice holiday weekend with mild temperatures and relatively clear skies predicted for this week, so you should be able to enjoy the fireworks show without any worries! We have several fresh faces making their debuts on the menu to help you in that enjoyment – let’s take a quick look at what’s new:

Korova’s Hot Sauces: We’re happy to share that Korova’s Buffalo and Salsa Picante Hot Sauces are back in stock, along with a brand new variety in their Green Habanero offering. With all three selections providing a jaw-dropping 1000mg THC, the differences lie in the flavoring and rating on the Scoville Scale. Those who are sensitive to spice will want to check out Buffalo, weighing in at a manageable 450 SHU; visitors who enjoy mild spice will gravitate toward Salsa Picante at 3000 SHU; and those who want to take a walk on the wild side will love the new Green Habanero, boasting 9000 SHU. At only $50/bottle, these hot sauces offer some of the best value on the edibles menu – bust these bad boys out at the holiday barbeque and become the star of the party. WSL.

Clarified Confections’ Capsules: Our longtime friends at Clarified Confections bring in some more great value with the addition of some new Clarified Capsules. Created with a hybrid mix of strains, these capsules offer a whopping 900mg THC spread out over 90 capsules (10mg per cap) at just $60/each. These easily-dosable caps can be used confidently by both low- and high-tolerance visitors who want to be sure of how much THC they’re consuming. We prefer popping a couple of these before bedtime, and never wake up groggy the following morning. WSL.

Papa & Barkley’s ‘Sessions’ Rosin: For our concentrate connoisseurs out there, we’re stoked to offer a new, super great selection in the solventless section with the addition of Papa & Barkley’s ‘Sessions’ Rosin. These new varieties offer great value without skimping on quality, with terpene-packed THICC (69.40% THC) and Molten Heads (68.87% THC) leading the charge. THICC is an OG Kush x Durban Poison cross that creates a powerhouse hybrid offered in a drippy, saucy consistency that lends itself great to dabbing; Molten Heads is another balanced hybrid with unknown lineage with a more viscous consistency that will be appealing to those seeking something a bit easier to handle. $50/gram, WSL.

So there it is, folks, your July 2022 round-up. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new products on your next visit, and we wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Hope to see you soon!