Happy Monday, EWC Family!

June is upon us, and with it, comes a full month of Pride celebration, a weekend for Father’s Day, and the official start of summer. We’ve done our part in loading up the menu to stock your summer stash with a gaggle of goodies as a trio of new products have recently splashed down on the menu. Let’s take a gander at some of our favorite new arrivals for June:

Kind Creations’ Clarity Tincture: A fresh offering from one of our longest-running providers is always a welcomed sight, so we’re obviously ecstatic to add a new tincture from our friends at Kind Creations to the menu. Kind’s new Clarity Tincture provides an impressive mash-up of cannabinoids offering vast amounts of CBD and CBG with a small amount of THC to complement. CBG is known as ‘the mother of all cannabinoids’ and you can find 250mg per bottle. CBD you’re likely already acquainted with, with also 250mg to be found per bottle. THC weighs in at 12.5mg per bottle. We’ve found this selection to be great for microdosing on a daily basis and can easily be mixed with food and/or drink for easy digestion. $40/1 fl. Oz, WSL.

New Kiva Varieties: Kiva is rolling out new, seasonal flavors for two of their popular lines of edibles in Camino’s Passionfruit Punch Gummies and Birthday Cake Bars. Camino is an extension of the Kiva brand, specializing in producing quality gummies, which they continue to do with their new PF offering. This is the fifth year Kiva has offered these Gummies for Pride season, and will be donating $100,000 to FOLX HRT Care Fund this year. These tins offer 100mg THC spread out over 20 bites for a manageable serving size of just 5mg/each. $16/each, WSL. We’re always happy to celebrate anything, and the addition of Birthday Cake to Kiva’s classic line of ‘bars’ is as good a reason as any. BDC offers a lemon-vanilla-with-birthday-sprinkles flavor that goes best paired with a lemonade. This bar can be broken down into 20 pieces (100mg THC total, 5mg per piece) – $20/each, WSL.

Lowell Hash Wrapped Prerolls: It’s rare to get anything truly unique anymore after a decade-plus in the cannabis industry, but we have just that in Lowell’s Hash Wrapped Prerolls that have recently debuted on the EWC menu. This joint is double-wrapped: one with regular paper and one made entirely of hash that has been pressed out as an extra layer. In addition to looking super interesting, these rolls are thought to burn more evenly since the hash is spread out so evenly and not mixed amongst the flower. Our current varieties span the entire spectrum - Orange Valley Cookies (S), OG Blueberry Creme (I), Disco Mints (H) - with all testing at 40%+ THC, making a great selection for high-tolerance visitors. $30/each, WSL.

No matter what your jam, we’re confident one of EWC’s new arrivals will help strengthen your June juju. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, fresh faces on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!