Welcome to May, EWC Family!

If you’re reading this, that means you were able to survive April Fools’ Day, 420, and the usual avalanche of Justin Timberlake ‘It’s Gonna be May’ memes, and for that, we congratulate you. To celebrate, we have a handful of new features that’ve recently debuted on the menu including some quality vaporizers, loose extracts, beverages, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s new in May:

URSA’s Cartridges and Concentrates: The team at URSA is really shining across our concentrates selection, splashing down with a robust selection of 12 different varieties across the oil cartridges and oil extracts menu. This Northern California-based provider churns out nothing but quality by starting with “fresh whole flower harvested from artisan farms”, using the live resin technique to preserve terpenes, and never blending strains, leading to strain-specific, consistent effects time after time.

Their cartridges are filled with liquid diamond sauce that makes for a potent, terpene-packed experience that flavor fanatics are sure to love. A quality cartridge composed of dental-grade ceramics that gives this product a high-quality feel as well. Five unique varieties are currently available at $25/half gram or $45/full gram, WSL.

For those who prefer loose extracts, URSA offers their Live Diamond Sauce in dabbable form as well, combining single-strain THCa diamonds with live-resin terpene sauce at just $35/gram. For a slightly more saucy consistency, check out their two Live Badder varieties that’re “whipped and folded into a soft and creamy texture,” also available at $35/gram. Rounding out their new offerings with three Live Resin features that are created using “fresh frozen plants with award-winning genetics” at just $30/gram, there’s truly something for every concentrate connoisseur in URSA’s new arrivals. Available WSL.

710 Labs’ Full-Spectrum Oil: 710 Labs comes through big with a product sure to be popular with our medical visitors in their Full-Spectrum Oil. This unique oil holds all of the cannabinoids found in cannabis with the goal of being as close as possible to an actual cannabis plant. Extracted using natural ethanol alcohol to pull out the maximum amount of raw cannabinoids, FSO can be used as either an edible or a topical, making it an extremely versatile product.

710 has two current strain-specific FSO offerings in their White Urkle x Purple Urkle and Marshmellow OG x Gummiez #12, both hovering around 750mg THC and available at just $30/gram, WSL.

Good Stuff Tonics’ Shooters: Rounding out this month’s Round-Up is our new Shooters from the folks at Good Stuff Tonics. These shots are for edible users who want to get right down to business, providing a powerful 100mg THC spread out over just 2 fluid ounces. Per usual, beverages usually kick in a little more quickly than edibles, as most visitors are looking at a 15-45min activation period, making an ideal selection for those who don’t want to wait long for their experience to take effect. Sativa-dominant Key Limeade and indica-dominant Honey Lemonade currently available at just $12/each, WSL.

Consider May’s new products rounded up. Hurry in and ask your consultant about these, and other, new products on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!