If you’re reading this, that means you survived April Fools’, and for that we’re thankful. Even better, we have a bevy of new products sliding onto the menu for this month on the flower, pre-roll, extract, and edibles menus to help you celebrate that achievement. Let’s take a look at what’s fresh this April:

Suprize Suprize’s Extracts and Pre-rolls: Surprize Suprize is a project from Royal Key Organic that meets at “the intersection of art and cannabis” to bring quality extracts and and pre-rolls to the Elemental menu. Based out of the cannabis holy land that is Humboldt, California, the Suprize Suprize team has conjured up some extracts sure to please both coldwater connoisseurs and traditional modern extract fans.
Their Live Rosin varieties offer a perfectly smooth and creamy consistency ranging from 70u-150u, currently boasting strains such as Garlic Cookies, Green Lantern, and Strawberry Crush at $55/gram. As for ‘regular’ extracts, we have new ‘Butter Frosting’ (Athena Dog, Cherry Lime Dog) and Sauce (New Girl) all hovering around 75% THC and available for just $30/gram. Rounding out SS’ new offerings, we have both infused and non-infused preroll varieties available in packs of three ($26/each) and packs of five ($32/each) available WSL.

Lolo’s Infused Prerolls: Piling on with the potent pre-rolls is the team at Lolo, adding fuel to the fire with their smokin’ hot line of infused cones. Even better, you can snag these heavy hitters for ‘the low-low’ at just $8 for a full-gram roll. This flower is infused with quality hash and rolled to perfection for a smooth, clean smoke that burns properly from start to finish. Current varieties are Pakalolo, (35.30% THC) a sativa-leaning hybrid that offers a sweet and earthy flavor while providing a strong, uplifting high for most visitors. El Capitan (35.80% THC) is a more balanced-hybrid option providing a creamy, berry-like terpene profile and relaxing, but not quite sedating, effects for most. Keep an eye out for more varieties to roll onto the menu in the future.

Tutti’s Flower: Our extract aficionados out there are likely already well-acquainted with Tutti, but we’re excited for our flower fanatics to get to know them better as well with the addition of Tutti flower! These nugs look, smell, and smoke the part of high-quality cannabis, but for a value price of just $25/eighth, making it a go-to option for flower veterans and novices alike. Current offerings include: Dolce & Banana (30.68% THC), and indica-heavy hybrid offering an earthy, fruity flavor, best reserved for nighttime use; Dosidos (31.33% THC), a classic Cookies cross with a refined, sweet terpene profile that we prefer for after-work use; and Wedding Cake (29.42% THC), a balanced hybrid that provides large chunky nuggets that we find suitable for midday and/or early evening sessions. Great quality, great value, and great vibes – everybody wins here!

Korova’s Twerpz Ropes: Longtime edible powerhouse Korova adds yet another unique selection to the menu with the debut of their ‘Twerpz Ropes’ -- think the cannabis version of the objectively delicious Nerds Ropes. This sweet new arrival packs 100mg THC into each rope with indica (Grape), sativa (Strawberry), and hybrid (Fruit Punch) varieties for visitors to choose from. The packaging makes these ropes easy to transport without being damaged and provides a ruler on the back to help you break the rope down into the appropriate dose for whatever your THC tolerance may be. $17/each, WSL.

No foolin’ going on here – hurry on down and ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new April arrivals on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!