Good day, EWC Family! 

I start us off with a 'good day' on this beautiful Monday morning because it truly is -- the start of daylight saving week! A week this seasonal-depression-inclined blog writer has been looking forward to since November. Here's to hoping you share that same joy. To help us celebrate, Elemental has added several new products to the menu to add even more sunshine to your longer days. Let's take a look at what's new:

Elemental Gardens' Frosty Sorbet: The newest addition to the Elemental Gardens line in quite a while comes in the form of Frosty Sorbet (17.90% THC), a balanced hybrid offering robust nuggets and a smooth, creamy flavor. This Sunset Sherbet x Permafrost cross lives up to its name with a heavy layer of visible trichomes coating the exterior of these chunky, purple-hued buds. With an earthy, sweet terpene profile and subtly relaxing and psychoactive effects to boot, Sorbet passes both the eye test and smoke test with flying colors. Its balanced effects and manageable THC content make it a great option for anytime use -- $55/quarter, WSL.

Papa and Barkley's Caramel Bites: Papa and Barkley continues to up the ante in the edibles arena with the addition of their new Caramel Bites. These bites offer 100mg THC spread over 10 bites for an easily-doseable 10mg per piece, and are infused with rosin for an extra-clean, and tasty, edible experience. Made in Humboldt County with only Fair-Trade-Certified ingredients, these Caramel Bites are currently offered in both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate varieties. We tend to enjoy one midday bite and a couple before bedtime for an enhanced slumber that won't leave you groggy in the morning -- $22/each, WSL.

Floracal Flower Quarters: Rounding out this month's New Product Round-Up, Floracal doubles down on their quality flower selection, adding new quarters to their already-impressive variety of high-quality eighths. Mastering the art of high-THC grows, all new strains test at 30% or above. Animal Cookies (30.53%) is an indica-dominant hybrid offering small, dense nugs with a visible layer of purple that's best reserved for nighttime use. Kushlato (31.44%) is a more balanced option, boasting resin-drenched buds and fiery orange hairs throughout for a cannabis experience that delivers on all levels. And Rainbow Slush (30.02%) crosses powerhouse strains Zkittlez x GDP for a satisfyingly-sweet terpene profile that's also ideal for nighttime use. $80/quarter, WSL.

So savor that extra daylight and savor these new flavors by stopping into Elemental for your daylight saving stash. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new additions on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!