Time keeps on dripping, dripping, dripping into the future…

Welcome to 2022, y’all! Happy to be here with you and excited to take this ride into the new year together. While the year may have changed, the constant flow of saucy, drippy extracts onto the Elemental menu has not, as a quick glance at the extract menu reveals a robust selection spanning the entire spectrum of consistencies, effects, and price points!
Let’s take a look at some of our favorite current options that simply get the job done:

Cosmic’s The Gift Live Sugar: Looking for a therapeutic extract experience without the out-of-this world psychoactivity that concentrates are known for? Let us direct you to Cosmic’s ‘The Gift’ Live Sugar, a unique offering that weighs in at 62.9% CBD and just 3.1% THC. Add in a beautiful golden hue and desirable consistency that toes the line between sugar and sauce, lending its use to either dabbing or mixing with flower. Recommended for daytime use – allow a bit of time for the CBD to subside before bedtime. $40/gram, WSL.

Feeling Frosty’s Alien Cookies Live Resin: On the flip side, Alien Cookies from the folks at Feeling Frosty, checks in with an out-of-this-world 71.71% THC content and heavily indica-dominant effects that’s sure to knock you back! Leaning more toward a sauce-like texture and offering a sweet and earthy flavor, we recommend dabbing to fully appreciate this quality strain’s complex terpene profile. We suggest holding off on this one until nighttime, as its heavier effects may render you relatively useless for a while – $30/gram, WSL.

King’s Garden’s Pie Hoe Live Shatter: Moving onto more malleable consistencies, Pie Hoe Live Shatter (77.70% THC) is a strain that the team at King’s Garden has mastered in all forms, but certainly stands out here as a live shatter offering. A fire collab between Grape Pie x Tahoe OG, visitors can expect a funky, berry-like flavor with hybrid effects that lean in the indica direction. Its hard, workable texture makes it ideal for combining with flower, but can certainly be used on its own as well. Recommended for evening and/or nighttime use. $20/gram, WSL.

Select Oil’s Super Glue Diamonds: For our flavor fanatics out there, we’d suggest focusing your gaze on our ‘Diamonds’ offerings, of which, our current favorite just may be Super Glue (84.80% THC) from the award-winning team at Select Oil. There’s just nothing not to like here; and believe us, we look hard. SG passes the eye test with flying colors: translucent diamond chunks slathered in a glistening, golden sauce while housed in simple, yet commanding, packaging. The nose test: an intriguing aroma that mixes in elements of funk, fuel, and earthiness for a truly unique flavor profile. And lastly the smoke test: a smooth hit offering an immediately stoney-behind-the-eyes sensation and a deep body relaxation that we find really delivers after an exceptionally long day. $40/gram, WSL.

Tutti’s Holy Headband Diamonds: Rounding it out with another Diamonds variety, we shine our spotlight on a sativa-dominant selection, Tutti’s Holy Headband Diamonds (81.58% THC). For those in the know, Headband tends to have a cult-like following: when those that subscribe to the gospel of Headband see a HB cross, they’re grabbing it with little-to-no additional consideration. And it’s creations like this Holy Headband that validate that line of thinking. Providing visitors with a deep, rich golden hue, a more sugary Diamond-like consistency, and uplifting, sativa-consistent effects, HH may be the Diamond-world antithesis of the aforementioned Super Glue. Grab a gram of both to have strains suited for any situation that may arise! Just $25/gram, WSL.

So there it is folks: feel confident turning to any of these efficacious extracts to get the job done in a squeeze. Or even if it’s not a squeeze – you get it: these concentrates are very good. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, extraordinary extract offerings on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!