Happy December, Elemental Fam! 

There are always tons of things happening at Elemental during the holiday season, and this year is certainly no exception. While we won’t shimmy down your chimney, we will walk all the way up to your doorstep to deliver your order at UP TO 30% OFF when you order between NOON-3PM ALL DECEMBER! Additionally, we have a slew of new December products for you to try out -- toss some of these onto your next delivery order to secure your stash and your savings! Let’s check out what’s fresh this month:

Plus’ Sugar Plum Gummies: We would be PLUM-crazy not to add Plus’ new Sugar Plum Gummies to the menu when we had the chance, so that’s exactly what we did! These sativa-dominant bites offer 100mg THC per tin spread out over 20 gummies (5mg THC), making it an optimal choice for visitors with lower edible tolerances. With Plus’ renowned commitment to quality flavor as well, this offering truly tastes like the season, making it a great all-around December selection. $18/each, WSL.

New Smokies’ Gummies Varieties: Smokiez throws their holiday hat in the ring this year with two unique, non-traditional-THC additions to their increasingly expansive line of gummies. Their new Blue Raspberry variety offers 250mg of Delta-8 THC with a refined, sweet flavor; Delta-8 is known to be less psychoactive than Delta-9 THC, thus making it better for beginners and those looking for help with stress and anxiety. Also new, Smokiez’ 1:1 Watermelon provides a sour alternative that packs an impressive amount of both THC and CBD. With 100mg of each spread across 10 gummies, visitors can feel assured they’re getting the most bang for their buck (or cannabinoids for their capital) with BOTH of these new varieties! Raspberry is available for $20/each, Watermelon just $18/each, WSL.

Mellows’ Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallows: We can’t think of a better month to mallow out than December, so it’s fitting we welcome a new marshmallow variety from Mellow to the menu this month. This new Mint Chocolate Chip offering provides the same texture and potency that has made Mellow a resounding hit among our edible aficionados, just with a refined mint chocolate flavor that fits the season perfectly. With 100mg THC per package, we recommend breaking your mallow into smaller pieces to fit your personal needs. Great for a before-bed snack to help aid sleep -- $16/each, WSL.

Raw Gardens’ Disposable Cartridges: The folks at Raw Garden have long been keen on providing options for all types of cannabis consumers, and their new disposable cartridges continue to fall in line with this school of thought. These 0.3-gram carts come complete with a detachable RG battery, and at only $20/each, act as an ideal selection for those new to vaping or in need of a quick, value re-up. Current varieties include Jungle Jam (86.36% THC), Paradise OG (82.53% THC), and Slymextreme (87.72% THC), spanning the entire indica-sativa-hybrid spectrum.

Whether it’s at our place or yours, we hope to see you this holiday season! Ask your consultant about these, and other, new December arrivals on your next visit.

Be well!