Happy November, folks! 

We’ll allow you a moment to adjust; after all, is there a more pronounced single-day vibe change than the one that occurs overnight from October 31st to November 1st? From ghouls, goblins, and gremlins to gifts, grinches, and gingerbread LIKE THAT! Well life’s a wave, baby, and we’re here for it -- and more importantly, we're here for YOU with the usual haul of new products to help you acclimate to life's ever-changing ebb and flow. Edible fans rejoice, as we have several new varieties from a handful of menu mainstays sliding into the EWC selection -- let’s take a look:

Day Dreamers’ Peppermint Bark Chocolate: Spicing up our sweets selections with the first of the seasonal additions, arrives the new Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bar from Day Dreamers. These limited-edition treats mix white and milk chocolate with bits of candy cane to create a product that will fit in seamlessly with your other holiday-esque snacks. Bars are 100mg THC total, split into 10 doses with DD’s classic blister packaging for easy use. We recommend this hybrid mix for evening or before-bedtime use as many visitors report deep calming sensations following consumption. $17/each, WSL.

Cann Drinks’ Cranberry Sage: Helping to pick up the steam on the holiday-themed edibles train is the newest offering from the team at Cann Drinks, the Cranberry Sage. Cann has perfected this superb seasonal flavor, producing a unique taste that finds a ‘sweet spot’ between sweetness and sage for a pleasant experience from the first to last sip. Never a provider to leave anybody out, Cann is offering Cranberry Sage in both THC and CBD-dominant varieties: 4-packs of Hi-Boys (12 fl. Oz, 5mg THC per can) and regular-sized 6-packs (8 fl. Oz, 4mg CBD + 2mg THC per can) both $18/each, WSL.

Camino’s ‘Sours’ Gummies: Holiday-themed? Not necessarily. Still really, really good? Yes. Camino extends their insanely-popular line of gummies with the addition of three varieties of new ‘Sours’: Citrus Breeze, Watermelon Spritz, and Orchard Peach. Aside from their flavors, these new additions differ slightly from current Camino offerings as they’re vegan-friendly and differently textured. Citrus and Watermelon both offer 100mg THC per tin, while Peach provides 100mg THC + 100mg CBD. All varieties $16/each, WSL.

Chocolates, candies, and Cann coming together to create some holiday cheer for our EWC fam out there -- truly a beautiful sight to see! Stop by and ask your consultant to check out these, and other, gnarly November newbies.

Hope to see you soon!