Halloween fans, rejoice -- your month is upon us! As we enter what is undoubtedly the most mischievous, ghostly, and strange month of the year, we’re gearing up for October ourselves by stacking the menu with TONS of terrifyingly terrific infused edibles to pack your candy bucket to the brim this Halloween! Let’s scope out the situation as we dive into some sweet treats sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this October!

Bhang’s Dark Chocolate Bar: Start your October off with a ‘Bhang’ this year, as their award-winning team continues to consistently churn out some of the best product on the market with their Dark Chocolate Bars. This classic hybrid mix packs 100mg THC with easily breakable pieces, helping visitors easily dose this delectable chocolate. We prefer alternating bites with a non-medicated chocolate, as Bhang’s rich flavor constantly has us reaching for more than we should. Great for anytime use -- $16/each, WSL.

Clarified Confections’ Chocolate Chunk Cookie: Long providing the South Bay with some of the best treats on the in the game, the folks at Clarified have managed to keep a genuine, grassroots feel to their products over the years, earning them a spooky big fanbase with Elemental visitors! Chomp into their Chocolate Chunk this Halloween for a canna-friendly spin on this long-time staple; packing 100mg THC into this confection, we’d recommend Clarified for our higher-tolerance members seeking a particularly psychoactive experience this October! Great for a day-off treat or a before-bedtime snack -- $15/each, WSL.

Kiva’s Terra Milk & Cookies CBN Bites: For our responsible adults out there who simply have no time for the hooliganism associated with this month, we have Kiva’s CBN Bites on deck to help you sleep away your October. Those darn kids have too much THC in their stuff these days anyway...they don’t know what it was like ‘back in the day!’ Stick it to ‘em with 40mg of CBN, hidden discreetly in these predictably delicious bites composed of cookie core coated in milk chocolate! We recommend popping a couple of these bad boys directly before bedtime to ensure you’re unbothered by any rambunctiousness occurring outside your window. $20/each, WSL. 

Lost Farms’ Blueberry Chews: On the flipside, for our heavy partakers in October mischief, we’d recommend Lost Farm’s Blueberry Chews to fuel your late-night shenanigans. These strain-specific chews were sourced from a sativa-leaning batch of Blue Dream, with oils extracted using the live-resin process for a rich, complete terpene profile that is true to the strain’s flower form. With 10mg THC per bite, coupled with Kiva’s patented attention to flavor detail on full display, there’s nothing not to like with these Lost Farms Chews -- $20/each, WSL.

Smokiez’ Peach Sour CBD Fruit Chews: Isn’t October just a peach? Well, it can be with Smokiez’ Peach Sour CBD Fruit Chews! Ideal for CBD lovers with a tolerance for THC as well, this 1:1 CBD/THC product helps maximize the fabled Entourage Effect, assisting visitors in maximizing the efficiency of their cannabinoids! With 10 units per pack (100mg THC total, 10mg per piece) these chews are already ideally dosed and infused with High Clarity Extract for a robust, clean experience. Small doses are ideal to help visitors throughout the day, large doses can be more helpful prior to sleeping -- $15/each, WSL.

Ask your consultant about these, and other, sweet October treats on your next visit -- we look forward to seeing you soon!