Happy Labor Day Weekend, EWC Family! We hope everybody out there is enjoying the start of the long weekend and properly soaking up the final few weeks of summer. Even more so than in years past, we’re extremely grateful for all the amazing workers out there who have managed to keep the world spinning during the tumultuous times we have collectively experienced over the past year and a half -- we’re stoked to chip in to help say ‘thank you’ with three days of jam-packed deals on the horizon! Stop in to take advantage of some of these monumental markdowns and/or grab something that’ll bring you the well-deserved R&R you’ve been looking forwad to, as we dive into some of our favorite indica-heavy products currently on the menu:

Dime Bag’s Kosher Kush: You’ll want to keep it kosher for this three-day weekend to keep the good vibes a’flowin’, and there may be no better strain to acheive this with than Kosher Kush (25.56% THC) from Dime Bag. Kosher is a tried-and-true OG strain which has been making the rounds in the cannabis worlds for quite a long time now, and it’s easy to see where this strain gets its longevity. Kosher is a prototypical OG in every way, and although the origins and genetics of the original OG Kush are up for debate, we’d be willing to bet Kosher’s DNA is extremely similar. Tight, dense buds with a visible layer of trichomes coating the exterior will catch the eye, while an overwhelmingly sour, earth-like aroma will surely interest the nose. Appease all your senses this weekend, and grab Kosher for just $25/eighth, WSL.

King’s Garden’s Platinum Cookies: We tend to save the 30%+ THC strains in our personal stashes for special occasions, and we feel King’s Garden’s Platinum Cookies (30% THC) definitely makes the grade as an acceptable Labor Day Weekend selection! With smaller, dense nuggets true to the typical Cookies-cross structure, these buds also offer a rich purple color throughout while providing a pungent, earthy aroma indicitive of a fine grow as well. We recommend using a grinder to most effectively break down this strain, with sunset, late-evening as our preferred time of use to match it’s calming, sedating effects. $90/quarter, WSL.

Cali Stripe’s Wedding Cake Diamonds: With two years worth of wedding seasons stuck in the pipeline all converging this summer, many of our visitors in long-term relationships may be feeling the pressure to pop the question themselves. But for visitors who aren’t quite ready to make that committment, you may better suited just opting for the Wedding Cake Diamonds (78.90% THC) from Cali Stripe. Offering glistening, crystalized rocks slathered in a golden sauce, Wedding Cake both looks the part and performs as well, providing most with a cerebrally potent experience that is simultaneously extremely relaxing on the body. With the utmost care put into this extract to maintain both potency and its terpene profile, we highly recommend vaporizing this on its own (without flower) in order to be able to fully appreciate the experience. $50/gram, WSL.

Select Oil’s GDP Cartridge: Many visitors are likely seeking a reliable menu mainstay to count on to power their Labor Day Weekend doings, and for this we’d recommend the potent, hard-hitting, and tasty GDP Cartridge (82.80% THC) from the renowned team at Select. GDP is considered among the quintessential indica-dominant selections with good reason -- visiotors can anticipate a refiend purple-esque, berry aroma with a deep-seated feeling of relaxation that is palpable to many users immediately upon exhaling. Select’s CCELL catridge technology has been known to ‘draw’ very effectively, so low-tolerance visitors may want to set their vaporizer battery on the lowest setting to start out with. $25/half gram, WSL.

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops THC Reverb: The classic American depiction of Labor Day celebrations generally includes neighborhood gatherings with barbeque, cigars, and beers. Well, here at Elemental, we’re trying usher in a new, modern era of celebration by pushing a new ‘joints, (maybe still barbeque), and canna-drinks’ movement instead, and among our favorite infused drinks on the menu is the classic Hi-Fi Hops THC Reverb from Absolute Xtracts! This managably-dosed beverage (10mg THC per bottle) was created under the guidance of the folks at Lagunitas as well, to ensure this canna drink would also be both effective and tasy, and by golly, to that we say “Success!” Toss in a faster recation time than most edibles to boot, and Hi-Fi Hops may just steal the show this weekend. $6/each, WSL.

Be safe and have fun this weekend, EWC Fam! Hope to see you in to take advantage of some of our delightful discounts and/or to secure some of these incredible indica-heavy offerings.

Be well!