While many of us prefer to spend the bulk of our summer outside enjoying the weather, the party must end eventually, and when it’s time, we have the stash on deck to make sure you get all the R&R that you’re rightfully entitled to this season. Let’s dive into five products from across the menu that’ll have you singing their praises deep into your summer dreams:

Redwood Remedies’ Cement Shoes: If we were going off name alone, Redwood Remedies’ Cement Shoes (29.20% THC) may take home the title for most indica-sounding name. Luckily for all of us indica aficionados out there, the team at Redwood delivers in the effects department as well, providing immediate full-body effects and a seriously couch-locky cannabis experience true to its name. Crossing OGKB x Animal Cookies x Wet Dream, Cement Shoes offers a pungently earthy aroma with tight, dense buds that stay true to the OG influence in its lineage. Great for an after-dinner or before-bedtime treat, $40/eighth, WSL.

Cali Stripe’s Grape Pie Cookies Diamonds: For cannabis novices, a pretty reliable indicator to look for to signify a strong indica is the word ‘Grape’ in its title. When Grape is coupled with ‘Cookies’ to boot, you can be sure that you’re in for a heavy indica experience, as is the case with Cali Stripe’s Grape Pie Cookies Diamonds (79.09% THC). Offering glistening extract ‘diamonds’ slathered in a light, golden sauce, these Diamonds offer maximum terpene retention, boasting a strong earthy, sweet flavor profile. Many users report back a calming, often sedating experience with a palpable cerebral kick as well -- best used late at night with a clear schedule ahead of you. $60/gram, WSL.

Jetty Extracts’ GDP Pax Pod: A behemoth in the world of indicas, the classic GDP (81.11% THC) from the folks at Jetty Extracts offers the familiarity of an old friend while remaining a top strain in its class even after several decades on the market. Ideal for on-the-go visitors, this GDP is compatible with PAX Era batteries and provides a subtle, yet satisfying, draw on each use for a convenient and effective modern cannabis experience. Take small puffs on GDP throughout your day without any worries, and save your bigger tokes for nighttime. $30/half gram, WSL.

KIVA’s Midnight Mint CBN Dark Chocolate Bar: They say not to eat directly before going to bed, but we’re willing to break that rule for the delectable infused chocolate from KIVA with their Midnight Mint CBN Dark Chocolate Bar (40mg CBN, 100mg THC). Snap off just a small chunk of this quality confection for the tag-team effects of THC and the sleep-aiding cannabinoid CBN that’ll have you dozing off into a superb summer slumber. Chocolate connoisseurs will enjoy the refined taste of KIVA as well, which is said to hold its own even against top chocolate brands in the non-infused market -- we’ll let you be the judge! $20/each, WSL.

Humboldt Trees’ Walker OG: After a long day of sweating and moving around, nothing hits quite like refined OG strain, and the Walker OG (24.73% THC) from Humboldt Trees is a well-grown indica that’ll have you sinking into your seat and enjoying some cool AC! Providing tight, dense buds that’re sporting the classic OG look, Walker may appear to be just another average strain on first look, but the smell test tells a different story: a polished earthy aroma, with a dank, fuel-like undertone that suggests a high-quality grow. Walker may be the lightest indica included here, making it a solid selection for anytime-of-day use. Currently on sale for just $25/eighth, WSL.

Hurry in and ask your consultant to check out these, and other, indica-dominant products that are perfect for your summer nights! Happy days and sweet dreams to you and yours!