As the weather continues to warm and we enjoy our enviable California sun, many of us are beginning to feel the beck and call of the road pulling us back out into the world for this summer’s travels. Particularly for passengers travelling by car, the cannabis vaporizer often acts as somewhat of a modern-day sponsor for the summer road trip, providing a discreet consumption option that’s viable in nearly any situation. Let’s take a glance at five quality cartridge options spanning the entire indica, sativa, hybrid spectrum that’ll make quality additions to your summer stash:

Care by Design’s 4:1 CBD Cartridge: Ideal for those who may deal with mild travel anxiety or those who are just seeking the therapeutic benefits of a CBD-heavy cartridge, visitors would be wise to look toward Care by Design’s line CBD/THC vaporizers. Offering four unique CBD/THC ratios for different situations, the 4:1 ratio is our favorite for summer, maximizing the Entourage Effect, while not overwhelming users with psychoactivity. With a subtle cherry flavor and palpable THC and CBD influence (54.7% CBD, 13.7% THC), we find CBD’s cartridges ideal for watching the scenery pass by as you head to the next destination. $30/each, WSL.

Dabblicious’ Grape Ape Cartridge: Trailblazers in flavor within the field of extracts, Dabblicious has multiple HTCC wins to its name with good reason, and brings its award-winning extraction techniques to cartridge form with its Grape Ape (89.40% THC). This indica-dominant strain provides users with the much sought-after classic ‘purple’ flavor, while creating effects that’re immediately calming and sedating for most visitors. With an explosive flavor profile and a THC content nearing 90%, Grape Ape is an intense cannabis experience on every level! Great for an end-of-day wind down before a night camping or at the hotel. $45/each, WSL.

Jetty Extracts’ Maui Wowie PAX Pod: For some serious summertime flavor coupled with stimulating sativa-like effects for most, look no further than Jetty’s Maui Wowie PAX Pod (73.66% THC). Compatible with PAX Era or PAX Pro batteries, Maui Wowie is a Hawaiian Landrace strain that offers a bold, fruity flavor that’s immediately reminiscent of summer, combined with uplifting effects, consistent with its sativa-heavy background. Great for wake-and-bake sessions in a special location. $30/each, WSL.

Legion of Bloom’s Lemon Cookies PAX Pod: Looking for a balanced hybrid that won’t leave you too tired or too wired? Check out the Lemon Cookies PAX Pod (86% THC) from Legion of Bloom, crossing Lemon Haze x GSC for genetics that fall smack-dab in the middle of the indica-sativa spectrum. Providing a citrusy, mildly earth-like flavor, Lemon Cookies is a make-it-what-you-will type of cannabis experience, lending itself for use in either daytime or nighttime situations. $28/each, WSL.

Select’s Green Crack Cartridge: Visitors seeking a morning-coffee-replacement type of strain to help them hit the road on those early mornings can feel confident with Green Crack (83.50% THC) from the fine folks at Select. Offering an optimal cartridge design that provides hearty hits with minimal effort, Green Crack offers a fruity, citrus-like flavor with stimulating effects that most visitors begin to feel immediately following consumption. Best for daytime and/or morning use. $40/gram, WSL.

So hurry down to Elemental and ask your consultant to check out our versatile vaporizer selection, boasting a strain sufficient for any situation!

Hope to see you soon!