The sun is out and picnic season is upon us -- we’ll let you handle the blankets and food, just let us handle the beverages! Instead of alcohol, which can leave users feeling groggy and lethargic, reach for a cannabis-infused drink this summer, boasting a wide range of varying cannabinoid ratios to suit your specific needs. Let’s take a peek at five of our favorite summertime canna-drinks currently available on the EWC menu:

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops THC Reverb: What happens when one of California’s most respected cannabis providers teams up with California’s most iconic brewery? Well, an instant classic of course, as evident by the epic collaboration between Absolute Xtracts and Lagunitas to create Hi-Fi Hops -- our favorite of which for summer would be the THC Reverb. Offering 10mg THC over 12 fluid ounces, Reverb is easy to sip with friends without having to worry about overdoing it. Refined flavor from Laguintas’ hops and quality effects from Absolute’s cannabis make its $6/per bottle price tag a true summer steal.

Cann Drinks’ Ginger Lemongrass: For some therapeutic support after a particularly long or stressful day, we recommend getting some fresh air with Cann Drinks’ CBD-dominant Ginger Lemongrass Drink. With 4mg CBD and 2mg THC per can, Ginger Lemongrass offers an optimal 2:1 CBD:THC ratio, ideal for promoting CBD’s therapeutic characteristics, while enhancing the fabled entourage effect with a palpable amount of THC to boot. Sold in packs of four, bring some to the get-together for everybody, or set up with your own cooler for the day! $12/each, WSL.

Good Stuff Tonics’ Lemonade: With a name like Good Stuff, you’d better follow through with a quality product, and the folks at Good Stuff Tonics do just that with their summertime-favorite Lemonade. Sweetened with honey and packing 100mg THC per bottle, this all-natural and all-organic drink truly delivers on every level! With so much potency packed into a single bottle, we recommend sipping Good Stuff a bit more carefully than some of the other products on this list -- just a little does a lot! $18/each, WSL.

Habit’s Mango Cooler: After a temporary hiatus from the menu, the team at Habit is back with its uber-popular line of Cooler, our favorite of which for summer would be Mango for its intensely sweet flavor. Brewed only with real fruit and natural flavors, Habit’s dedication to their craft is evident in their final product, providing a smooth fruit taste, with just a welcomed hint of cannabis as well. With 100mg THC per bottle as well, be careful dosing this particularly potent product -- $16/each, WSL.

Stoneade’s Original Lemonade Shooter: If all of the aforementioned refreshments are the canna-equivalent of beer, then that would make Stoneade’s Lemonade Shooter the canna-equivalent of a shot. Packing 20mg THC within just one fluid ounce, you can get straight to the point or mix with more non-infused liquid for a more relaxed sipping experience. An oft-repeated benefit over beverages over edibles is their quicker reaction time, and the Lemonade Shooter truly exemplifies that mantra. Take a quick swig 15 minutes or so before your desired effects and voilà -- you’re golden! Only $6/each, WSL.

So slide on down to Elemental this summer and ask your consultant to check out these and other bodacious beverages on your next visit. Stay cool and hope to see you soon!