Happy July, EWC Family! 

Summer is now in full-swing, and we’re seemingly beginning to put some distance between us and the party-pooping pandemic that has ravaged much of the last year. As the 4th of July approaches, there’s plenty to be grateful for, and we know many of you are excited to gather with friends and celebrate appropriately -- stock your stash with these five enviable extracts to bring a blast of flavor to any summer gathering:

FIELD’s Punch Funk Live Sugar: Alcohol and explosions have never mixed well, so instead of getting punch drunk this 4th of July, we recommend keeping it au naturel with the Punch Funk Live Sugar (73.80% THC) from the folks at FIELD. Providing a pleasantly golden hue with a workable, slush-like consistency, Funk pleases the eye with its aesthetics before ever twisting open the jar. Once free, the extract’s intense aroma of fuel and sweetness overwhelms the senses like a light show, translating superbly when vaporized for a fantastically funky flavor that’s sure to please the palate. This indica-dominant variety is a bit heavy, and thus recommended for nighttime use -- $35/gram, WSL.

Select’s Sour Tangie Cartridge: If you need your spirits brightened like the night sky during a fireworks show, we recommend loading a seriously sativa-dominant strain into your adult pacifier with Select’s Sour Tangie Cartridge (79.40% THC). Select’s hard-hitting cartridge designs maximizes airflow while preserving the oil’s terpene profile for a superior cartridge experience, that’ll have flavor fanatics rejoicing. Tangie provides many users with subtle mood enhancement and euphoria, while delivering an immediately identifiable clementine-like flavor that’ll bring a smile to your face. $25/half gram, WSL.

Pretty Good’s Lemonade Live Sugar: No Independence Day gathering is complete without some quality lemonade, and the team at Pretty Good has you covered this year with their live sugar rendition of Lemonade (57.37% THC). Offering balanced effects, a sweet flavor, and great value to help you spend more on food, Lemonade is an all-around winner this year for the 4th of July. With a slightly more saucy consistency than other sugars, Lemonade lends itself to dabbing, and is a great companion for viewing any (city-sanctioned) fireworks show this year. Just $25/gram, WSL.

Stiiizy’s Pineapple Blast Pod: As we’re in the middle of a serious drought here in Calfiornia, we strongly recommend keeping the handling of fireworks to the professionals this year; instead have your blast with Stiiizy’s Pineapple Blast Pod (88.06% THC). This balanced-hybrid variety is great for anytime use, providing non-sedating effects, yet with a serious cerebral punch. The terpene profile offers a sweet, fruity flavor that’ll have fans of Banana-, and Tangie-like strains jumping for joy. $25/half gram, WSL.

Raw Garden’s Night Trooper Diamonds: For those of us whose internal clocks are set for a 9PM or earlier bedtime, we recommend Night Trooper Diamonds (81.17% THC) to help you keep it lit long into the summer night. Well, I mean sure, yes, Night Trooper technically is an indica-dominant strain, but we’ve found the simple placebo effect of using a strain called Night Trooper can actually provide a boost for many. It’s science, what can we say? With a bright, golden hue and diamond-like consistency, Trooper both looks and performs the part, deliving on the effects-end as well with a cerbrally-stimulating, stoney-behind-the-eyes type of experience that’ll have visitors coming back for seconds. $50/gram, WSL.

So hurry down to Elemental and ask your consultant to check out some of these enviable extracts ideal for Independence Day! As always, be safe, celebrate responsibly, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!