Counting itself among the most sought-after edible providers around, KIVA Confections has now been producing quality culinary creations for more than seven years. Their products are available in a variety of consistencies and potencies (including a high-CBD option), ranging from 2.5mg THC mints up to 180mg THC chocolate bars.

Per KIVA’s website, “The company was born out of a need for an edible product that was potent, consistent, and enjoyable to consume … After visiting a local chocolatier, the lightbulb went off. Working with expert cannabis cultivators, certified analytics laboratories, and a lot of trial and error, KIVA was born … Since then the company has grown to encompass over a dozen varieties of chocolate edibles with a loyal customer base throughout hundreds of dispensaries in CA and growing. Its artisan confections have garnered multiple awards and recognition in the marketplace including Best Edible at both the San Francisco and LA High Times Cannabis Cups in 2013.”

KIVA has managed to separate itself from competitors with its commitment to clean and consistent meds. Despite California currently being an unregulated market (no testing is required for pesticides, contaminants, or solvents), KIVA still holds itself to the highest standard, screening for 385 different pesticides--the max number available by cannabis testing labs in California. Not only that, but KIVA tests its material at three different junctures: 1) raw material, 2) after extraction, and 3) upon completion of final product.

KIVA is perhaps best known for their selection of exquisite chocolate bars, available in varieties of both milk and dark chocolate, and ranging from 60mg to 180mg THC. From KIVA: “We acquire our chocolate from a source that selects cocoa beans from around the world for their quality to deliver a premium chocolate experience … We use 54% Cacao Semisweet for our dark chocolate bars, while our milk chocolate is made with a minimum of 34% Cacao. Our chocolate contains only the purest, natural ingredients delivering an indulgent, velvety smooth taste without the strong flavor of cannabis.”

KIVA’s line of Terra Bites and Petra Mints have long been preferred products among low-tolerance patients, as a single Terra Bite weighs in at 5mg THC, and a single Petra Mint at just 2.5mg! Terra Bites are sourced with the same Cacao as the chocolate bars, and are available in both Espresso and Blueberry options. These microdose products, “allow individuals to find their minimum effective dose so they can experience the most health benefits of the plant with the fewest side effects.”

For patients dealing with dietary restrictions, KIVA’s chocolate products are gluten-free and their mints are sugar-free as well!

For more info you can visit KIVA’s site, browse KIVA on our menu, and/or ask your consultant for more details next time you’re in!