Just as alcohol aficionados and cigar connoisseurs like to save their special, creme de la creme-type products for special occassions, we here at Elemental like to do the same with our cannabis. So instead of cracking open a perfectly-aged scotch or lighting up a Cuban cigar, we’ll have some top-shelf cannabis on reserve to share with dad this Father’s Day -- here are five strains that’re set to impress this Sunday:

Elemental Gardens’ The True OG: Snag an award-winning strain for an award-winning dad this Father’s Day with the always-reliable The True OG (22.71% THC) from our hard-working team at Elemental Gardens. Offering tight, dense buds with a classic OG flavor, True’s famously couch-locky effects and ‘clean’ high are what helps to set it apart from other top OGs. We advise saving True for an after-dinner treat, as its indica-heavy effects have been known to send a dad or two to bed early. $40/eighth, WSL.

Fig Farms’ Dark Karma: With a sky-high THC content and sativa-dominant effects, Dark Karma (30.80% THC) from Fig Farms just might have what it takes to make dad jokes actually seem funny. Crossing Dutch Treat x Strange Love, this super sativa exhibits traits from each parent, with a short, chunky bud structure reminiscent of Strange Love and a sweet, piney flavor similar to DT. Boasting an impressive THC percentage, Karma is ideal for a midday toke, as some find it too potent for early-morning use. $60/eighth, WSL.

Clout King’s Clout Cake: Get dad the treat he really wants this Father’s day with the artisan Clout Cake (32.58% THC) from the folks at Clout King. These dense, chunky nuggets emit a sweet-and-sour aroma, while offering a staggering THC content coupled with heavily indica-dominant effects. We recommend Cake is saved for an end-of-day celebration, as its effects are known to be quite powerful. $65/eighth, WSL.

Lit House’s Dark Dosi: For some eye-catching buds that’ll surely have pops rambling about how he “didn’t used to see weed like this in my day,” check out the Dark Dosi (27% THC) from Lit House. Dosi offers a deep purple hue throughout its structure that’s accentuated by rich orange hairs, giving it a beautifully vibrant appearance that’ll intrigue visitors before ever popping off the lid. With strong Cookies lineage, expect a sweet, earthy flavor coupled with indica-dominant effects that make it ideal for evening and or nighttime use. $50/eighth, WSL.

Up North’s Lemon Tree: Treat dad with a flavorful and uplifting strain that can help set the mood for a great day with Up North’s Lemon Tree (30.78% THC). Providing tall, chunky nuggets with rustic orange hairs intertwined throughout, Lemon Tree’s sativa-dominant profile make it a preferable strain for a wake-and-bake session or other daytime use. A strong citrusy flavor helps to arouse the senses and translates to smoke wonderfully. $60/eighth, WSL.

We hope you’ve found something above that sounds like it might be worth sharing dad on the biggest day on the modern dad calendar. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, top-shelf flower varieties on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!