It’s never too soon for June, and Elemental keeps the fresh faces rolling onto the menu to help you keep your summer stash strong. This month’s round-up is heavy on the edible menu, welcoming new gummies, chocolate bites, and getting an old favorite back in the selection! So it’s with a full heart and empty stomach that we now dive into June’s New Product Round-Up!

Wyld’s Gummies: Let your hair down this summer with our newest addition to the menu, Wyld Gummies. Based out of Portland, Oregon, the team at Wyld creates confections with real fruit ingredients that are made to encapsulate the Pacific Northwest lifestyle consisting of health, adventure, and compassion. With seven unique flavors currently available on the menu, boasting several different cannabinoid contents (CBD-, CBN-, and CBG-dominant), we’re confident any edible fan will find something Wyld to their liking. $16-$20/each, WSL.

Plus’ Rainbow Sherbet Gummies: Making their annual Pride Month return to the menu, Plus brings the sweetness this June with their seasonal Rainbow Sherbet Gummies. This summer staple offers sativa-dominant effects, while dosing each gummy with just 5mg THC, making them easy to consume for even novice edible users. A portion of profits will be donated to the Transgender Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) as well -- what’s not to love!? 100mg THC, $15/each, WSL.

Kiva’s Milk & Cookies CBN Terra Bites: The much-beloved Kiva Terra Bite line is getting a new addition at Elemental for the first time in a while: feast your eyes (and taste buds) on the new Milk & Cookies variety from the hard-working folks at Kiva. Offering the same melt-in-your-mouth consistency as Terra Bites past, this new selection offers a fresh Milk & Cookies flavor with a palpable amount of CBN in each bite as well. CBN is a much sought-after cannabinoid for visitors suffering from insomnia and/or anxiety, for it’s calming/sedative properties. 100mg THC & 40mg CBN per tin. $22/each, WSL.

Kaneh Co.’s Edibles: Longtime Elemental visitors will remember our last provider from years past, and after far too long away from the menu, we’re ecstatic to welcome our friends at Kaneh Co. back to the menu! Offering a robust line of nine distinct products, we’re confident members dealing with a summer sweet tooth will meet their match with Kaneh! With 100mg THC in each pack, ranging from $16-$18/each, the re-addition of Kaneh has truly given our edible selection a complete makeover!

So rejoice and collect, edible aficionados -- this was perhaps the first New Product Round-Up in Elemental history composed entirely of infused confections. A truly monumental occasion! Ask your consultant about these treats, and other new products, that will fit perfectly in your summer stash!

Hope to see you soon!