Happy June and Happy Pride Month, EWC Family! June is always one of our favorite months of the year, and we have a stupendous selection currently available to reflect that -- no matter what your plans are to celebrate, we have your pride pack on deck! Today we look at some flowers, cartridges, extracts, and edibles primed to add some pep to your step during this sun-soaked month.

King’s Garden’s Jack: You can’t have a discussion of classic sativas without mentioning Jack (27.35% THC), and this spot-on batch from King’s Garden is the perfect pocket-stuffer to accompany you through June. Yielding hearty, vibrantly green nuggets with strong pine-like aroma, Jack arouses the senses simply upon cracking open the jar. With a dense, but workable, structure, this strain can be broken up either with a grinder or by hand. Ideal for daytime use -- $15/gram, WSL.

Utopia’s C. Banana Littles: The shining star of the Utopia flower line, C. Banana (25.09% THC) is back in the house, and now available as ‘Littles’ at a value price! These trichome-drenched budlets offer the same effects you’re accustomed to from the normal-sized variety of the strain, just with a slightly lower, but still impressive, THC content. For first-timers, anticipate a pleasantly intense banana-like flavor coupled with uplifting, palpably psychoactive effects. Great for a wake-and-bake session and further daytime use. $40/4 grams, WSL.

Papa’s Herbs’ Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge: As cool as partying 24/7 through Pride Month sounds, we reckon some of y’all may need some quality shut-eye here and there, and for that, look no further than Papa’s Herbs’ Grand Daddy Purple Cartridge (87% THC). Offering a staggering THC content coupled with GDP’s famously couch-locky, sedative effects, we’ve found a couple puffs from Papa’s to be the remedy for a good night’s sleep. For those that can change temperatures on their batteries, we recommend the middle-heat setting for a perfect combination of psychoactivity and terpene preservation. $25/gram, WSL.

Creme de Canna’s 3 Kings Cured Shatter: The three kings of potent sativa genetics come together to help the pride party march on -- 3 Kings Cured Shatter (84.24% THC) from Creme de Canna is a perfect choice for high-tolerance visitors. This OG Kush x Sour Diesel x Headband cross offers a predictably fuel-like, earthy aroma with seriously stimulating effects that are generally observable immediately following consumption. Great anytime-of-day-use for veteran dabbers -- $25/gram, WSL.

Potli’s THC-Infused Sriracha: Become the MVP of your gathering by busting out the Potli THC-Infused Sriracha (100mg THC) to add some extra spice to your dish. This sativa-dominant creation nicknamed “Play” is ideal for “enhanced mood and creativity,” while adding a tangy spice to any meal. In smaller doses, Play can be great for group events, adding a bit of liveliness to most visitors’ personalities. On sale for just $16/each, WSL.

Again, Happy Pride Month, EWC Family -- be sure to ask your consultant about these, and other, fine menu choices to help power your Pride!