As the calendar flips to June, it’s finally starting to feel a bit like summer with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees all week. And not a bit too soon either with Memorial Day Weekend now upon us, the forecast is looking ideal for (responsible) outdoor gatherings -- here are five of our favorite current menu items to help you catch a summer vibe this weekend.

Elemental Gardens’ Motorbreath #15: The latest batch of Motorbreath from the award-winning team at Elemental Gardens weighs in at a staggering 33.56% THC, making it our current go-to recommendation for visitors carrying a high THC tolerance. Offering large, chunky nuggets that are best broken up using a grinder, Motorbreath boasts impressive genetics (SFV OG x Chemdog) that produce a pleasantly earthy and fuel-like flavor, creating a memorable cannabis experience from beginning to end. With balanced hybrid effects, Motorbreath is fine for anytime use, but we recommend a THC warning to partakers with lower tolerances! $60/eighth, WSL.

El Blunto’s Ice Cream Cake Blunt: Treat yourself to some dessert this weekend with the particularly potent Ice Cream Cake Blunt (31%THC) from the team at Select. Expertly rolled in a hemp wrap and topped with a classy glass tip per usual, this batch of ICC is expertly-grown, with a pungent, Earth-like aroma emanating from this eye-catching creation. With heavily indica-leaning effects for many visitors, ICC is recommended for an end-of-weekend winddown or late-night treat. With 1.75 grams per wrap, Ice Cream Cake is currently available at $35/each, WSL.

Select’s Sour Diesel Live Resin Cartridge: Vaporizers have long been the preferred method of consumption for modern-day event-attenders due to their discreteness and effectiveness, and Sour Diesel (78.30% THC) from Select may just be the best daytime derivative out there. Sour D’s refined, gassy flavor combined with Select’s hard-hitting cartridge design makes for a super sativa selection that’ll help give a cerebral kick to help stimulate the mind in social situations. $50/gram, WSL.

Dimebag’s Sundae Driver Live Sugar: Sunday has long been a sacred day for many cannabis partakers, reserved for lounging around and enjoying life and some quality herb. For our concentrate connoisseurs out there, let the folks at Dimebag take the wheel with their Sundae Driver Live Sugar (70.69% THC), a potent hybrid offering a calming, but not overly sedative, experience for most visitors. A sugary consistency leaning a bit toward the saucy side, Driver is preferable for dabbing, but can also be mixed with flower -- $25/gram, WSL.

Cann’s Ginger Lemongrass Drinks: The Ginger Lemongrass from Cann just looks, tastes, and feels like summer with stimulating, fresh aroma and a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio that will have visitors in a state of therapeutic bliss. Offering 4mg CBD & 2mg THC per unit, Cann is the ultimate social beverage, allowing users to sip freely while not risking bloating with just 35 calories per can. Perfect for sharing at small gatherings -- 4-packs currently available at just $12/each.

So hurry in for these, and other, great selections to enhance the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend -- hope to see you soon!