The weather is up and vaccination rates are as well, meaning that some actual, real-life, non-Zoom, social situations may just be on the horizon for Summer 2021. No matter what the occasion, summer is the season of food and drink, and Elemental has your personal party pack available for whatever type of gathering you’re planning. Let’s take a look at five products poised to provide a potent punch to your summer sessions.

Bhang’s Milk Chocolate Bar: Bhang has been a top provider in the edible industry for nearly as long as it’s been around, due in large part to the consistency and quality of classics like the Milk Chocolate Bar. This simple, yet delectable, chocolate holds its weight against any challenger in the taste department (even against non-infused chocolates), while offering 100mg of quality THC that will have your mind and body in a state of pure, chocolate, bliss. Split into 10 pieces to make dosing easier, $16/each, WSL.

Habit’s Mandarin Cooler: Celebrate the recent return of Habit to the menu by cracking one of their Mandarin Coolers to help bring the cool to your outdoor gathering. With 100mg THC per bottle, we recommend dosing out ‘shots’ of Habit to mix with another drink of your choice, so you can comfortably sip while remaining confident you’ve poured a proper amount. Mandarin is our go-to summer option with its fruity, refreshing flavor and subtle aftertaste -- $16/each, WSL.

Kiva’s Terra Blueberry Bites: Ol’ reliable has been pleasing the palates of edible aficionados at Elemental for years now, and its easy-to-share packaging makes it a favorite for any seasonal gatherings as well. US-grown blueberries, cacao powder, and delicious milk chocolate have made Kiva’s Terra Bites a best-selling edible across the market since its inception long ago. Offering just 5mg per bite, Kiva’s Bites challenge you to savor the flavor, while not having to wonder if another bite would overdo it for you. $22/each, WSL.

Plus’ Pineapple Express Gummies: Finally something chewy for our gummies fans out there, we bring to you the Pineapple Express Gummies from the folks at Plus. These full-spectrum fruit gummies are actually only sourced from a single-strain, making it one of the most predictable edibles on the market, which can be great for visitors who react positively only with specific strains. Pineapple Express brings a jolt of summertime flavor to the taste buds, bringing with it sativa-consistent effects that make it a great daytime treat. 100mg, $18/each, WSL.

Clarified Confections’ Snickerdoodle Cookie: There’s a lot of THC packed into these small cookies from the team at Confections -- ideal for either veteran edible users or those seeking a quick, one-bite edible experience. Don’t take this to mean that Clarified has skimped on the taste though -- those with poor self control and a low tolerance may want to look elsewhere, because these tasty treats are delicious! Snickerdoole is our summer favorite for its perfect balance between chewy and crunchy, and light, sweet flavor -- $15/each, WSL.

Be safe and smart this summer, EWC Family! Be sure to ask your consultant about these, and other, super summer treats on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!