Summer is in the air, folks, and with it comes  the insatiable itch for the great American road trip. With an abundance of unique landscapes at our beck and call, the West is perhaps the best place around to embark on your summer journey. Here at Elemental, we’ve got your road-trip pack on deck, to ensure you maximize your vacation potential. Here are five products from across the board ideal to accompany you to wherever you may end up this summer.

IC Collective’s Chem Dog ‘91: This gassy strain was powerful enough to fuel the cross-country travels of many Deadheads following the Grateful Dead back in the day, so we think it’s more than sufficient to power your journey as well. This legendary sativa-leaning hybrid offers eye-catching buds with a hard, lean outer structure with pleasing, alternating shades of green visible throughout its body. A refined fuel-like flavor adds to its infallible aesthetics -- we recommend a grinder for this strain, both to retain its abundant trichomes and to make the most of its rock-solid structure. $60/eighth, WSL.

King’s Garden’s First Class Funk: There’s only one way to travel this summer, and that’s first-class -- let King’s Garden punch your ticket with its potent First Class Funk (30% THC). Mashing up powerhouse genetics in GMO x Jet Fuel, the FCF is both potent and tasty, with a fragrance that can best be described as a pungent combination or sour and earth that’s sure to appease the taste buds of even our most persnickety cannabis aficionados out there. With chunky, tree-shaped nuggets exuding wild orange hairs throughout, FCF truly is impressive on all levels. $90/quarter, WSL.

Sublime’s Sour Diesel Cartridge: Our gas situation may be a bit in flux due to recent events, but Elemental’s always ready with an alternative type of gas: the Sour Diesel Cartridge (89.71% THC) from Sublime is the perfect road-buddy for our sativa lovers out there. You already know the measurables for this classic strain: a fuel-like, gassy terpene profile, coupled with an experience that most visitors classify as far sativa leaning, making Sublime’s expertly-designed carts the perfect choice to give you a subtle cerebral kick when you energy is on ‘E.’ Great for visitors seeking an easy-to-use product with little preparation required. $30/gram, WSL.

Cosmic’s Golden Tangie Live Sugar: For an extract that simply tastes like summer, look no further than the sweet-tasting Golden Tangie Live Sugar (77.45% THC) from the team at Cosmic. This brightly-golden hued concentrate boasts a consistency somewhere between sugary and saucy, making it great for either dabbing or mixing with flower. Toss in a refined flavor palette finding an equilibrium between summer-y sweetness and captivating citrus, and Golden Tangie may just be the best-tasting summer strain we can think of! $40/gram, WSL.

Absolute Xtracts’ 1:1 Tuner Hi-Fi Hops: For a great alcohol substitute that won’t have you feeling tired or lethargic if you happen to partake in some day drinking, check out our tried-and-true Hi-Fi Hops from Absolute Xtracts. Our 1:1 CBD:THC variety strikes the perfect balance to create an elixir that’s perfect for bringing out the best of you in social situations. With help from the renowned tastemakers at Lagunitas, pop the top off one of these at the pool or park, and experience the flavor of the sun this summer! 5mg THC & 5mg CBD per bottle, $6/each, WSL.

Best of luck with your planning this year, EWC Family -- remember to be safe and drive responsibly if you’re taking your own vehicle this summer. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, great road-trip selections on your next visit.

Hope to see you soon!