Well, that was a bit of a surprising April. There was an obvious lack of April showers that lent itself to more time outside for folks, but we now have our fingers crossed for some precipitation to roll in before summer kicks in. But we digress -- the dearth of rain hasn’t affected any May flowers here at Elemental; we have a plethora of goods blooming across the board, sure to appease the appetites of all flower fanatics. Let’s take a quick look at some of our favorites currently available at EWC:

IC Collective’s Crossroad Chem: We’ll see you at the crossroad this May -- the Crossroad Chem (28.20% THC) that is. The folks at IC have absolutely perfected the art of growing Chem genetics, and Crossroad is another shining light in their impressive strain lineup; expect solid, tall nuggets with a glistening coat of trichomes offering a gassy, fuel-like aroma and translating superbly to smoke. This potent hybrid is a great choice for anytime of day, but we tend to enjoy it mostly in mornings and early afternoons. $60/eighth, WSL.

Utopia’s C. Banana: Treat yourself with an EWC classic that has been holding it down on the menu for the better part of the last decade -- C. Banana (25.09% THC) is a consistently high-THC tester with a one-of-a-kind terpene profile. Offering compact, yet fluffy, nuggets with a vibrant green body and bright orange hairs, Banana’s penetrating Banana-like aroma can be easily identified upon first whiff. This sativa-leaning hybrid definitely delivers in the THC category as well, making it a great choice to give you a boost before any social outing. $50/eighth, WSL.

Up North’s GMO: For a flower a bit better suited for nighttime, look no further than the indica-heavy GMO (30.65% THC) from the team at Up North. With dense, thin buds and pungent earth aroma, GMO is nice on the eyes, but really proves its worth once fire is put to flower. Most visitors report back with an immediately calming, stoney-behind-the-eyes type of feel, great for an after-work treat or before-bed session. With a THC content putting it in the rare 30%+ club, GMO is definitely recommended for veteran tokers. $60/eighth, WSL.

Elemental Garden’s Monkey Paw: Sativa specialists will want to get their paws on this Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese cross from our in-house growers at Elemental Gardens. This memorable strain named for its buds, which many say resemble the shape of a monkey’s curled paw, emits a sweet, piney flavor reminiscent of Jack-type strains with effects that most visitors describe as uplifting and mood-enhancing. Its pleasant aroma coupled with classic sativa-like effects make it a fantastic selection for any wake-and-bake session. $30/eighth, WSL.

Fig Farms’ Blue Face: Fig Farms doesn’t miss, and the tradition continues with the deliciously dank Blue Face (28% THC) sure to turn any frowns out there upside down. Boasting hard, spikey nuggets with shades of deep purple visible, Blue Face matches the aesthetics of prototypical indica-heavy varieties, but identifies as more of a balanced hybrid. With a robust terpene profile that smells of a complex mashup of fuel, earth, and ginger, Blue Face is sure to please the palates of connoisseurs seeking a truly wonderful experience in the flavor department. $60/eighth, WSL.

Quality flowers are forecasted to be in bloom for all of May and beyond here at EWC -- if you happen to miss the boat on these scintillating strains you can be sure some new vivacious varieties will be on the way soon. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, fabulous flowers on your next visit. 

Hope to see you soon!