Thanks for another great holiday celebration, EWC Family -- this one was two years in the making, and we hope you all enjoyed attending as much as we enjoyed planning it for you. There are only 51 weeks until next year’s 420 and we’re already looking forward to it; until then, we have some stupendous sativas on deck to help you adjust back to reality after our favorite week of the year. Here are some potent pick-me-ups from all across the board to assist you in your assimilation back to normalcy.

Elemental Gardens’ The Cleaner: For some post-holiday cleansings, look no further than The Cleaner (22.58% THC) the latest addition to the Elemental Gardens lineup. Offering a piney, sweet flavor emanating from dense, chunky nuggets, this sativa-dominant strain arouses the senses on multiple levels. Its Lambsbread genetics shine through in its plentiful orange hairs intertwined throughout its body, and the Purple Haze influence can be smelt and felt with its sweet flavor and powerful psychoactive effects. $40/eighth, WSL.

Redwood Remedies’ Sour Tangie: There are few strains we can think of that have as intense and unique of a flavor profile as the revered Sour Tangie (25.42% THC). With a pungent, in-your-face scent of oranges that’s apparent as soon as one opens the jar, it’s sativa prowess can be sensed in its fragrance, and thin, tall buds with plentiful orange hairs poking out from within. Toss in a smoking experience that many visitors find to be uplifting, and mood-enhancing and you have an ideal strain for your wake-and-bake session. $40/eighth, WSL.

Creme De Canna’s 3 Kings Cured Shatter: Our longtime friends at Creme de Canna have come through in the clutch again with the royally awesome 3 Kings Cured Shatter (84.24% THC). As far as genetics go, there might not be any strain more impressive, mashing up OG Kush x Headband x Sour Diesel to create a potent, far-sativa-leaning experience that may be best reserved for veteran extract aficionados. With a snap-and-pull consistency, 3 Kings is great for dabbing, but can also be mixed with flower; its gassy, earth-like flavor is perfect for fans of OG-style strains. Just $25/gram, WSL.

Beezle’s Jack Herer Live Resin Cartridge: For a subtle, yet effective, return to reality, turn your eyes toward the smooth-hitting Jack Herer Live Resin Cartridge (84.79% THC) from the fine folks at Beezle. Boasting a classically sugary and piney terpene profile, Beezle again comes through with something sweet to puff on throughout the day that won’t leave you feeling tired or burnt out. With famously stimulating effects, Jack is great for early morning or daytime use -- $45/gram, WSL.

Plus Products’ Lemon Jack Gummies: For a uniquely invigorating edible experience, feast your eyes and taste buds on the strain-specific Lemon Jack Gummies (100mg THC) from Plus Products. Split into 20 individual units with just 5mg THC per piece, these delectable treats are easy to dose and even easier to enjoy. Made with real fruit that produces a scintillating appearance and a fantastically sweet, sour, and citrusy flavor, the Lemon Jack Gummies are a cannabis experience to be savored from beginning ‘til end. $18/each, WSL.

Again, we hope you had a happy 420 and wish you the best of luck with transitioning back into the rest of the normal year. Be sure to ask your consultant about these, and other, potent sativa options that’re sure to help you get back into the swing of things.

Hope to see you soon!