Spring is in the air which means that grow season is upon us as well, and the Elemental Nursery has all the tools on deck to make sure that this year’s harvest is a successful one for you and your crop. Clones, teens, and mothers are all in bloom here at the shop, so let’s dig in and see exactly what’s available for our local greenthumbs at the moment!

What is a clone?

A clone is a small part of a larger plant that can be cut off, planted, and then grow into a full plant itself. It’s usually put into rockwool, or a root cube, to encourage root growth, and then later transplanted into soil in a pot or in the ground where it should flourish like any other plant. Clones are preferable for many growers because they save both time and space in your garden, while maintaining the exact genetic profile of the plant it’s cut from, eliminating many unknowns from the equation.

We currently have six clone varieties in stock at the Elemental Nursery all of which are sativa-dominant and hybrid selections at the moment. Sativa options include Durban Poison, Cleaner, and Lemon Draiz; hybrids are Motorbreath #15, Pezonade #1, and Northern Legend. Flowering time for clones generally range anywhere between six and 10 weeks, and are all available for $20/each, WSL.

What is a teen?

A teen is a plant that’s been growing for a longer period of time, and is usually 18-24 inches tall -- growers who’re looking for a more established plant and to reduce vegetation time generally will prefer teen plants. They’re also ideal for those looking to try out a new strain quickly, who don’t necessarily want to commit the time and resources to grow a strain from seed when they’re unsure of how they may take to it.

We currently have two teen options in-store in the Motorbreath #15 and Pezonade #1. Motorbreath is a balanced hybrid with powerhouse genetics (Chem D x SFV OG), usually creating dense, OG-like nuggets and a pungent, earth-like aroma. When grown to its full potential, it will generally produce high-THC buds with couch-locky effects. Pezonade is also a hybrid, though leaning a bit more to the sativa side of the spectrum -- expect a slightly taller plant producing a fruity, citrus-like aroma and uplifting effects. Teens available for $35/each, WSL.

What is a mother?

A mother plant is a plant that is purposefully kept in a vegetative state in order to continually cut clones from the plant’s branches; as mentioned previously, the clones cut from these mothers are genetically identical and are used to maintain the exact structure of a particular strain. Mothers are usually desirable for growers who have ample space to work with and who are patient enough to dedicate time to a plant that won’t flower, i.e. grow buds.

Our current mother variety is a classic strain that should be well-known to our old-school visitors, Panama Gold. This heavily sativa-dominant strain will grow tall, thin plants, and when grown from a clone should take about eight weeks to grow. Growers can expect a final product that emits a spicy, earthy aroma with hearty buds and fiery orange hairs intertwined throughout their structures. Available for $75/each, WSL.

The world of growing can be a bit daunting for first-timers, so if this didn’t clear it all up for you, please don’t hesitate to ask any of our grow experts in the Elemental Nursery on your next visit. Good luck with your grow this season and we look forward to seeing you in soon!