Spring is officially here, folks! But then again, so is April, which means we may have some wet weather to trudge through first before we get to the real shorts-and-tees weather. Lucky for you, Elemental has the resources to make sure your positive vibes aren’t rained out as well this month -- here are five flowers currently available at EWC that are perfect for puffing during precipitation.

Elemental Gardens’ The True OG: A comfortable couch can be your best friend on a rainy day, and what better strain to hit the cushions with than the famously couch-locky The True OG (22.71% THC). What can we really say that hasn’t already been said? Multiple High Times Cannabis Cup wins and a cult-like following for the past decade-plus, it simply doesn’t get any better for those seeking a potent indica selection. Easy. $40/eighth, WSL.

Flow Kana’s Blue Dream: The quintessential hybrid strain, Flow Kana’s Blue Dream (21.31% THC) is a true make-it-what-you-will experience, perfect for a serious shower, or easy to transition with if the weather clears up. With a sweet, berry-like flavor and bright green nuggets with ample orange hairs strewn throughout, Blue Dream is aesthetically pleasing and delivers upon consumption as well. With smooth-hitting smoke and a manageable THC content, we’re comfortable recommending BD for cannabis novices and veterans alike. $30/eighth, WSL.

King’s Garden’s Pie Hoe: A heavily-indica dominant variety with an impressive THC content, King’s Garden’s Pie Hoe (26.83% THC) is an ideal selection to lose yourself while watching the beads of rain pour down along your living room window. This Grape Pie x Tahoe OG cross creates an enticingly sweet and earthy aroma, sure to please the palates of even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. Providing short, dense buds with light shades of purple throughout, we recommend using a grinder to help prepare this certified classic for consumption. $50/eighth, WSL.

Lit House’s Dark Dosi: Another potent indica with tangible Cookies influence, we suggest Lit House’s Dark Dosi (29% THC) to help get you to sleep during heavy nighttime rainfall. Offering tall, chunky buds with a prototypical Cookies-esque aroma (sweet, earthy, and spicy), Dosi delivers on all fronts, appeasing both the mind and the body. With relaxing body effects and a potent psychoactive experience, we advise clearing your schedule before breaking out the Dosi. $35/eighth, WSL.

IC Collective’s Chem Krush: For the adventurous souls who prefer to be outdoors even in the rain, look no further than IC Collective’s Chem Krush (28.70% THC) for a strain to help nudge you out the front door. Few things go together as well as IC Collective and Chem-derived strains, and the Krush is no exception -- visitors will enjoy its rock-solid nuggets and pungently gassy aroma that delivers stimulating sativa-like sensations for most. A guaranteed winner for those who enjoy Sour Diesel- and Headband-like varieties. $60/eighth, WSL.

So don’t fret -- May flowers are on the horizon, but until then Elemental has the goods to keep you happy and dry this April. Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, great flower options for this month and beyond. Hope to see you soon!