April is slowly sneaking up on us, which means that somebody may be sneaking up on you this April 1st for April Fools’ Day. None of us want to be hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, or flat out deceived this holiday, so we have the goods on deck to make sure that you’re at 100% to take on whatever may come your way on this godforsaken day. Let’s dive into some serious sativas that will have you on full alert this Fools’ Day:

Old Pal’s Golden Ticket: The golden ticket to a shenanigan-free holiday is hiding in plain sight on the Elemental flower menu in Old Pal’s Golden Ticket (21.07% THC). This sativa-leaning hybrid offers a skunky, citrusy aroma coupled with awareness-promoting effects that aren’t overly stimulating. With a manageable, yet palpable, THC content to boot, Golden Ticket will have you in an ideal state of mind to hurdle any obstacles thrown your way. $25/eighth, WSL.

Elemental Gardens’ Durban Poison: The creme de la creme of legendary sativa strains, Elemental Gardens’ Durban Poison (16.64% THC) will have any would-be tricksters begging for the antidote if they stumble your way. DP is a rare pure sativa, making it an ideal selection for anybody prone to midday naps; it’s piercingly piney flavor and large, chunky nuggets arouse the senses just by looking and smelling. Great for a wake-n-bake sesh to start your day on the right foot -- $20/eighth, WSL.

Headstash’s Sour Mimosa PAX Pod: We don’t recommend alcohol for this tomfoolery-filled 24 hours -- have the hooligans out there feeling sour by puffing on your mimosa this April rather than drinking it with Headstash’s Sour Mimosa PAX Pod (83.71% THC). With a smooth-hitting delivery, this sweet sativa will keep your buzz riding without overwhelming you throughout the day. Offering a fuel-like, sugary aroma with stimulating effects, this pod is safe to puff on any time of day. $25/half gram, WSL.

Dime Bag’s Trainwreck Live Sugar: The only trainwreck this Fools’ Day should be your cannabis, not your life, which is why we recommend our visitors with higher tolerances turn their attention to Dime Bag’s Trainwreck Live Sugar (70.05% THC). This sugar offers a dark, golden hue with a consistency that toes the sugar/sauce line to make it a perfect option for delicate dabbing throughout the day. With a sweet, piney aroma and tried-and-true sativa-like effects, the only trainwreck will be the friend that tries to get one over on you this Fools’ Day. $25/gram, WSL.

Plus’s Lemon Jack Gummies: For those feeling bold enough to attempt an edible this April 1st, we recommend the strain-specific Lemon Jack Gummies (100mg THC) from the folks at Plus. Dosed out over 20 individual gummies at just 5mg THC per bite, Plus Gummies are the perfect edible companion to ensure that you don’t overdo it this holiday -- start with one or two gummies and go from there. The Lemon Jack cannabis in the gummies provides uplifting, stimulating effects for many, and helps to add a refined citrusy flavor to these gelatinous goodies. $18/each, WSL.

So, there it is folks -- we’ve given you the game plan for a flawless Fools’ Day, now it’s up to you to execute by stopping by EWC and securing your ammunition! Ask your consultant about these, and other, super sativas on your next visit -- good luck and hope to see you soon!