We’ve made it, folks -- spring is now in bloom, vaccines are rolling out, and relative normalcy is within our sights. Here at Elemental, we’re optimistic that we’ll all enjoy a fantastic spring season full of love, warmth, and cannabis that we were more or less deprived of in 2020. We’ve got the goods on deck to make sure the positive vibes are flowing both externally and internally; here are five features currently available on the menu to help accompany you into the warmer days.

Fig Farms’ Sunrise: Celebrate the warming sun with another top-shelf option from the award-winning team at Fig Farms in Sunrise (30.60% THC). This Sherbet x Purple Fig #51 cross packs a sweet, floral flavor similar to parent strain Sherbet, while offering dense, trichome-laden nuggets with a midnight-purple hue throughout its structure. This high-THC, indica-leaning strain is best reserved for evening and/or nighttime use. $60/eighth, WSL.

Elemental Gardens’ The True North: For those not quite ready to give up on winter, keep the chill flowing even through the spring with the frosty The True North (19.90% THC) from Elemental Gardens. These The True OG genetics offer large, chunky nuggets and a sweet, piney aroma; with balanced hybrid effects True North is suitable for anytime use. $25/eighth, WSL.

Cosmic’s Golden Tangie Live Sauce: Nothing says warmer weather like some sweet, citrus flavors, and extract aficionados will feel like they struck gold with Cosmic’s Golden Tangie Live Sauce (70.83% THC). This bright gold live extract offers a soupy consistency that lends itself to dabbing, while boasting a sweet, citrusy flavor for which Tangie crosses have become known. With prominently sativa-dominant effects for most, Golden Tangie is an ideal wake-n-bake and/or afternoon selection. $40/gram, WSL.

Beezle’s Jet Fuel Gelato Live Resin Cartridge: Give yourself the energy to take on the longer days with a boost from the folks at Beezle in their Jet Fuel Gelato Live Resin Cartridge (75.69% THC). Conveniently packaged in a smooth-, yet hard-hitting cartridge, this powerhouse mashup of genetics offers a gassy, sweet flavor with hybrid characteristics that make it great for daytime use. $30/gram, WSL.

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops THC Reverb: Grab your favorite blanket, food, and friend for a socially-distanced trip to your favorite park with your favorite THC-infused beverage, the Hi-Fi Hops THC Reverb from Absolute Xtracts! Collaborating with Lagunitas on this dosed delicacy, you already know the flavor is on point, and at 10mg per bottle, feel free to sip socially and not worry about overdoing it. Live the Hi-Fi life this spring at just $6/bottle, WSL.

So cheers to the spring that we’ve been waiting two years for, EWC Family -- be sure to ask your consultant about these, and other, special spring selections on your next visit.

See you soon!