Hey there, Elemental Family! What a surprisingly busy week we find ourselves in here in Mid-March -- Daylight Saving, Pie Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the official beginning of spring all occurring within just seven days of each other, phew! Luckily, here at Elemental we have the flower on deck to make sure luck is on your side now and into the future. Let’s take a look at five strains we find fit to lead you through March and beyond.

Elemental Gardens’ Monkey Paw: We’ve all tried a lucky rabbit’s foot, now try a lucky Money Paw (17.68% THC) this year to switch things up a bit. Elemental Gardens brings the heat with this super strain, offering a seriously stimulating sativa by crossing Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese to create a skunky sweet flavor and uplifting effects for most. Best for morning use to make sure you start your day on the right paw! $20/eighth, WSL.

Redwood Remedies’ More Cowbell: As we all know, sometimes the only cure is More Cowbell (21.56% THC), and the folks at Redwood Remedies have churned out a perfect batch as usual. Offering large, chunky buds with a pungently earthy aroma, Cowbell’s indica-heavy effects make it a suitable strain for evening and nighttime use. Cowbell has become a favorite among connoisseurs for its refined flavor and consistent effects, making for a great St. Pat’s day pocket stuffer. $70/quarter, WSL.

Utopia’s Golden Lemons: We found the gold at the end of the rainbow: Golden Lemons (23.92% THC) is a treasure worth savoring with its vibrant, glistening exterior and sweet, citrusy aroma. These uniformly tight, dense nuggets offer a one-of-a-kind fragrance that translates superbly to smoke, while providing a slightly indica-leaning experience for most visitors. Lemons is great for anytime use as it’s known to not be overly heavy, while still providing a palpable cerebral and body effect that has many visitors coming back for more. $50/eighth, WSL.

King’s Garden’s Jack: Don’t get caught lacking on your green this St. Pat’s Day -- Jack (21.50% THC) from King’s Garden is the most aesthetically green strain we could find on the menu to make sure you don’t get pinched this holiday. Offering tall, fluffy nuggets with a hypnotizingly vibrant green hue throughout, Jack provides a perfectly piney flavor coupled with prototypical sativa-like effects for a strain to puff on throughout the day that won’t make you feel tired. $50/eighth, WSL.

Floracal’s Sonoma Cake: Celebrate the occasion with some cake: Sonoma Cake (31.20% THC) from Florcal offers a sweet treat for your holiday along with one of the highest THC contents available! Providing short, chunky nuggets with a purple tinge throughout their bodies, Cake impresses both at face value and upon consumption, with a heavily indica-dominant experience for most that makes it ideal for nighttime use. Try Cake before bed to bring some luck to your dreams as well. $50/eighth, WSL.

So follow the rainbow down to Elemental to make it your lucky day -- ask your consultant to check out these, and other, flowers perfect for St. Pat’s Day. Hope to see you soon!