As we march into spring and the days begin to get hotter and longer, we know many are seeking to switch up their stash to suit the new season. Elemental has the goods for every season on deck, but today we specifically examine some of our favorite springtime varieties to help you seamlessly transition into March.

Elemental Gardens’ The Cleaner: Take on the new month with the newest strain from Elemental Gardens, The Cleaner (22.58% THC), a sativa-dominant hybrid ideal for sparking the energy needed for the longer days looming. Offering chunky, tree-shaped nuggets with a vibrant green body and rich orange hairs, The Cleaner is undeniably aesthetically pleasing. Toss in a refined sweet, citrusy flavor and seriously cerebral effects, and this strain truly impresses on every level. $40/eighth, WSL.

Beezle’s Cosmic Lemonade Live Cartridge: For an out-of-this-world vaporizing experience, we recommend that Beezle’s Cosmic Lemonade Live Cartridge (81.03% THC) grace your pockets as you step into spring. These carts blend golden THC distillate with Beezle’s proprietary live resin high terpene full spectrum extract for an amazing cannabis experience that has elevated Beezle to among the top providers in the industry. Cosmic Lemonade offers a sativa-dominant experience with a sugary, citrus-like flavor making it an ideal daytime choice for the sweet spring days on the horizon. $30/half gram, WSL.

Redwood Remedies’ Sour Tangie Live Sugar: The remedy for any wintertime woes just may be the Sour Tangie Live Sugar (74.87% THC) from Redwood Remedies, a potent and flavorful live extract that tastes and feels like the spring. Sour Tangie is known for its unique, piercing flavor, and that terpene profile has been masterfully translated to extract, offering a rich, orange taste that’s true to the flower. With many reporting back with stimulating, awareness-promoting effects, we recommend this option for morning and/or daytime use. $40/gram, WSL.

Cann Drinks’ Lemon Lavender: Crack open a Cann Drink at the park or wherever else you may choose to spend your longer days, for a refreshing and effective substitute for alcohol. For spring, we like Lemon Lavender offering a earthy, citrus-like flavor with invigorating and therapeutic effects. Offering 4mg CBD & 2mg THC per can, Cann is easy to socially sip without running the risk of overdoing it -- available in packs of six at just $18/each, WSL.

Ask your consultant about these, and other, spring-suited selections on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!