Today our strain spotlight shines on the quintessential hybrid, Blue Dream -- great for daytime or nighttime use, BD has long been a fan favorite for its versatility and consistency. As usual, Elemental currently offers several varieties across the menu to help appease your appetite for the Dream.

Blue Dream is a balanced hybrid that can be classified as either indica- or sativa-dominant based on the grower or provider -- it’s this well-roundedness that’s led to its ubiquity in the conversation for top hybrid in the game. In flower form, BD offers vibrant, bulbous nuggets with soft orange hairs dominating their exterior; the aroma can be described as a mix of fresh berries and just a hint of earthiness that translates superbly upon combustion.

EWC currently has three varieties of Blue Dream available covering the cartridges, pre-rolls, and extracts menus.

The Blue Dream vaporizer pod (87.15% THC) from STIIIZY is a great choice for on-the-go members seeking a discreet, yet potent option to accommodate their lifestyle. Offering botanically derived terpenes sourced from natural flora and combining it with powerful cannabis oil, STIIIZY offers a vaporizing experience that’s true to the character of the strain. Great for anytime use, this sativa-leaning variety shouldn’t make you tired or drowsy during the day. $20/half gram, WSL.

We move over to flower with Sublime’s Blue Dream Mini Fuzzies (22.66% THC, 8.24% CBD), for some fun-sized, extract-mixed, and kief-covered goodness. This combo offers a palpable CBD presence in addition to the regular Blue Dream experience, perfect for those seeking a more therapeutic tilt to one of their favorite strains. The potency of this hard-hitting wrap should afford it a spot in your after-work session. $30/3-pack, WSL.

Lastly, on the extracts menu, we check out the Platinum Blue Dream Live Shatter (78.85% THC) from the folks at King’s Garden. This variety of Blue Dream is genetically similar (Haze x Blueberry), but has been known to provide slightly more indica-leaning effects, making it ideal for nighttime or before-bed use. Offering a golden, translucent hue and a snap-and-pull consistency, PBD Live Shatter is great for low-temp dabs, perfect for savoring the flavor of this artfully extracted concentrate. $30/gram, WSL.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out these, and other, Blue Dream