Find live this Valentine’s Day at Elemental Wellness with our luscious live extract selection, perfect to give your holiday the flavor you’re seeking. Live extraction is a process that includes preserving the flower’s most complete terpene profile by using full flower that hasn’t been dried or cured; this ensures maximum freshness and flavor. Whether you’re looking for a value live resin cartridge or a connoisseur batch of live diamonds, Elemental has what you need to spice up your V-Day!

Beezle’s DoSiDo Live Resin Cartridge: The DoSiDo cartridge (79.47% THC) from Beezle offers a refined taste and relaxing effects, perfect for an after-dinner dessert. This GSC x Face Off OG cross creates a sweet, earthy flavor with claiming, stoney effects as reported by most members. $45/gram, WSL.

Select’s Mr. Nice Guy Live Resin Cartridge: Everybody likes a nice guy, so we’re confident that you’ll enjoy this conveniently-cartridged Mr. Nice Guy Live Resin (78.90% THC) from the team at Select. Nice Guy offers a sweet flavor reminiscent of parent plant, G13, and calming, cool effects ideal for evening use. $50/gram, WSL.

King’s Garden’s King’s Cut Live Diamonds: The creme de la live extract creme, live diamonds are live extraction displayed in its most impressive form and King’s Cut (66.21% THC) from King’s Garden is a superbly executed batch of diamonds. Offering diamond-like shards slathered in a layer of terpy sauce, King’s Cut provides a woody, fuel-like aroma that produces relaxing body effects, but stimulating cerebral effects for many users. $50/gram WSL.

Cosmic’s GG#4 Live Sugar: For the perfect wake-and-bake strain to start your holiday off on the right foot, look no further than the GG#4 Live Sugar (71.62% THC) from the folks at Cosmic. With a sugar-like consistency and a shining, golden color, GG#4 impresses both in aesthetics and experience -- anticipate a pungently gassy flavor and mildly mood-enhancing effects. $40/gram, WSL.

F/ELD’s Biscotti Live Sauce: Instead of chocolates, give her what she really wants this Valentine’s Day: the Biscotti Live Sauce (69.80% THC) from F/ELD. Providing a heavily sweety, earthy flavor true to its Cookies genetics, this live sauce is a good reminder of what has made Biscotti one of the most popular strains over the last few years. With a gooey consistency perfect for dabbing, members will enjoy a toke or two before bedtime. $40/gram, WSL.

Keep it live this Valentine’s Day with these, or any of our other live extracts varieties. Be sure to ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!