As we float into February, you’re probably looking for some flawless flower features that are fantastic for this month. Whether you’re seeking a calming indica to help you sink into your couch, a balanced hybrid to help achieve equilibrium, or a stimulating sativa to inspire you to get outside, we have a featured flower fit for you.

Elemental Gardens’ Gelato #33: Keep it as chill as your favorite frozen treat this February, with some icy fresh Gelato #33 (23.38% THC) nugs from the Elemental Gardens team. This indica-dominant strain is courtesy of Cookies lineage, as evident by its tight, dense buds and classic Cookies-like aroma. Often offering members both cerebral and full-body relaxation, Gelato is best for evening and/or nighttime use. $50/eighth, WSL.

Ember Valley’s Kush Cake: A top-shelf variety from our newest flower providers at Ember Valley, this batch of Kush Cake (28.51% THC) comes straight from Shasta County. This Bubba Kush x Wedding Cake cross produces tight, spiky buds with a pungently earthy aroma emanating from the. Ember Valley is one of the most respected providers in the game, and Kush Cake is the perfect strain to stock your stash heading into the new month. This balanced hybrid is great for anytime use -- $60/eighth, WSL.

IC Collective’s Chem Dawg: They say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ and IC Collective’s Chem Dawg (24.60% THC) has been a sativa-dominant strain that has been working for generations of cannabis users since its inception in the early 1990s. Chem offers a refined gassy, chem-like aroma that many believe serves as the main fragrance of OG Kush as well; nugs are tall and hard with a visible glaze of trichomes and wild orange hairs poking out from within its structure. Ideal for morning and/or daytime use -- $60/eighth, WSL.

Lit House’s Runtz: The latest strain craze in the world of cannabis has touched down at Elemental, with Lit House’s take on the rapidly ascending Runtz (30% THC). This Zkittlez x Gelato cross creates enticing, resin-soaked buds that provide an intensely fruity aroma that offer an immediate bag appeal. Its effects toe the 50/50 hybrid line, making it great for anytime use -- $60/eighth, WSL.

Utopia’s Golden Lemons: Golden Lemons (23.92% THC) from the folks at Utopia is the perfect strain to help get your mind ready for the warmer weather, even if it is just February. Offering bulbous, vibrant-green nuggets with rustic orange hairs wrapped around from stem to tip, Golden Lemons provides a sweetly citrus-like flavor that particularly pleased our palates. This indica-leaning hybrid is perfect for daytime or nighttime use -- $50/eighth, WSL. 

Be sure to ask your consultant about these, and other, great flowers for February and beyond! Hope to see you soon.