The Elemental Gardens’ flower line continues to ascend, adding another unique strain that you can only find at Elemental Wellness with the addition of The True North (19.90% THC). True to its name, The True North takes members on a cerebral flight through the upper stratosphere of premium genetics, crossing powerhouse The True OG with (Northern Lights #1 x Northern Lights #5) for a truly special cannabis experience.

True North begins to impress as soon as members open the jar, immediately offering impressive optics and aromas sure to please even the most persnickety cannabis critics. The nug structure tends to take after more of the Northern Lights lineage -- chunky, tall nuggets with soft orange hairs protruding out from the stem to the tip. Striking an ideal balance between fluffy and dense, these buds can either be broken up by hand or with just a few twists of your grinder. The fragrance is overwhelmingly piney, but with hints of fresh earth and citrus buried beneath -- think something along the lines of Jack Herer mixed with Haze. 

Once broken down, True North is ideal for rolling -- still remaining firm broken up, not too granular, it provides a solid foundation to twist our joint papers around. Upon our initial inhalation, the aforementioned pine-like element translates well to smoke, but the citrusy component of the flavor profile also begins to reveal itself further as well, creating a complex palate that we’re confident will appease cannabis novices and veterans alike. 

Effects-wise, The True North makes an ideal strain for any session, any time of day; with its balanced-hybrid characteristics, it’s a true make-it-what-you-will experience. Weighing in at 19.90% THC, The True North offers a solid cannabinoid profile that had us feeling wonderfully without being overwhelming, allowing it to serve as a functional morning and/or daytime selection.

We’re proud to add The True North to our Elemental Gardens selection and we’re excited for you to try this new strain that you can only find at Elemental Wellness. Be sure to ask your consultant to check out The True North on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!