Winters in the Bay Area are famously mild compared to most other parts of the United States; so we don’t blame you if you’re seeking a little bit of frost to make you feel as if you’re experiencing a legitimate winter season. While we can’t bring you actual snow, we do offer some of the frostiest nuggets in town, glistening with trichomes from stem to the tip. Here are five of our favorite flowers fixin’ to ‘wow’ you this winter:

Elemental Gardens’ The True North: The newest addition to the increasingly impressive Elemental Gardens’ lineup is The True North (19.90% THC), an indica-dominant hybrid with an earthy OG-like aroma and chunky, frosty nuggets. This Northern Lights x The True OG cross is the perfect choice for a pre-bedtime puff, offering full-body relaxation and a cerebrally calming effect for most. $50/eighth, WSL.

Fig Farms’ Kush Mint Cookies: Fig Farms consistently brings both the fire and the frost, delivering a product that impresses on all levels, and their Kush Mint Cookies (28.93% THC) is no different. Providing a refined Cookies-esque aroma, this Kush Mints x Animal Cookies cross produces smaller, firm buds with a glossy coat of trichomes visible to the naked eye covering its exterior. This balanced hybrid is great for any situation. $60/eighth, WSL.

King’s Garden’s Jack: Do you know Jack? If not, this winter is the ideal time to become acquainted, as the folks at King’s Garden have brought an expertly grown batch of Jack (25.90% THC) to the shelves. This legendary sativa-dominant strains offers a piney/sweet flavor with tall, fluffy buds intertwined with burnt orange hairs poking out from its structure. Great for morning or daytime use; we recommend using a grinder to preserve its abundance of trichomes! $50/eighth, WSL.

Up North’s Hindu Kush: Who better to bring a winter-type vibe to your session than the folks from Up North -- check out their take on the tried-and-true Hindu Kush! Weighing in at 25.28% THC, this strain is as close as you can get to a 100% indica these days, therefore making it a much sought-after variety to help with insomnia and restlessness. Offering tight, dense nuggets with hints of purple strewn throughout, Hindu passes both the eye test and the smoke test. $50/eighth, WSL.

Panacea’s Pie: Pie is objectively delicious anytime of year, but something about pie in the winter just hits differently -- the folks at Panacea know this and have saved one of their best batches of Pie (28.46% THC) to mark the occasion. Crossing Wedding Pie x Grape Pie Cookies, Pie provides a relaxing, indica-dominant experience and eye-catching, hearty nuggets with some purple mixed into the equation, and topped off with, you guessed it, a beautiful glaze of frost. Great for evening/nighttime use. $50/eighth, WSL.

There you have it folks -- take a gander at any of these five strains on your next visit for a snowstorm-in-Minnesota type chill, but from the comfort of the Bay Area. Ask your consultant for recommendations on other frosty strains you may be interested in as well -- hope to see you again soon!