Welcome to 2021, EWC Family! 

We imagine we’re not the only ones happy to wipe the slate clean and embark on this fresh journey into the new year. We have big plans for this year and assume you do too -- we recommend taking a look at our jaunty joint selection to save time on rolling your herb so you have more time to accomplish your 2021 goals! Here are five prerolls currently available at Elemental sure to add some sizzle to your stash:

Humboldt Trees’ Key Lime Pie: The time is fine for the Key Lime this January, as the folks at Humboldt Trees come through strong with this GSC phenotype. Key Lime Pie (18.01% THC) is an indica-leaning hybrid offering a complex terpene profile containing hints of lime, earth, chocolate, and mint to provide a deliciously relaxing experience. Humboldt’s prerolls are composed of 100% flower to give members a top-tier experience from beginning to end. $6/each, WSL.

Pure Beauty’s Super Jack: We have a feeling 2021 is going to be a pure beauty of a year, so kick it off with Pure Beauty’s Super Jack (21% THC) in your pocket. Super Jack is a strong sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a piney, sweet flavor and uplifting effects for most members. Perfect for a morning wake-and-bake or a midday pick-me-up. $14/each, WSL.

Flow Kana’s Sour Diesel: Go with the flow this January -- Flow Kana that is, and their slappin’ Sour Diesel (18.45% THC) is just the strain to help start things off on the right foot. This classic sativa offers a pungently fuel-like flavor with energizing effects for the majority of members. These hand-rolled joints come in packs of six and are perfect for daytime use. $35/pack, WSL.

El Blunto’s Cherry OG: Offering all the benefits of a blunt, just without any of the tobacco, El Blunto provides the ultimate smoking experience with their glass-tipped, all-natural hemp-wrapped rolls. Sourced from full-flower broken down by hand, enjoy .75 grams of Cherry OG (21.60% THC) per roll, providing a sweet, fruity flavor with mildly calming effects. Perfect for an after-work wind down. $18/each, WSL.

Lit House’s Dark Dosi: Keep it lit this year with Dark Dosi (23% THC) from the team at Lit House. This powerhouse cross of GSC x Face Off OG is a 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup winner for good reason -- offering an impressive THC content coupled with a refined earthy, sweet flavor, Dark Dosi is a full-spectrum cannabis experience sure to please both the body and the mind. 100% flower and no trim, divided into two half-gram prerolls for maximum enjoyment. $14/each, WSL.

Feel confident jumpin’ into the new year with any of these jumpin’ joints in your stash -- ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit. Hope to see you soon!