We’ve made it ya’ll: 2021 is upon us, and with it, we can only hope, will come better times and fortunes for us all. Step into the new year on the right foot with a stock of spectacular strains in your stash, sure to make 2021 a seriously special year. Here are five flowers currently available at Elemental that will do just that.

Utopia’s Wheels OG: Make 2021 your personal utopia with the Wheels OG (25.78% THC) from the team at Utopia. Crossing Kosher Kush x OG #18, Wheels is everything an OG variety should be: tight, dense nugs with a pungent, earthy flavor that will have you sinking into your couch in pure OG-aided bliss. Great for an end-of-day wind down and/or to help blow off some stress. $50/8th, WSL.

Lit House’s Red Dragon: For those determined to keep the new year lit, we recommend scoping out Red Dragon (24% THC) from Lit House. Dragon is a prototypical sativa strain, offering tall, tree-shaped buds with fiery orange hairs protruding throughout and providing a stimulating, uplifting effect for many. Dragon is perfect for a New-Year’s-Day-morning pick-me-up to help you start out on a high note. $50/8th, WSL.

King’s Garden’s Banana OG: This famously high-tester has always been impressive in the THC department, but this batch from King’s Garden goes above and beyond weighing in at a jaw-dropping 32.86% THC. Emanating a strong, banana-like aroma as the name would suggest, with hearty, fluffy nuggets ideal for breaking down with your fingers, Banana OG impresses in every facet. With strongly indica-dominant effects, Banana OG is best reserved for nighttime use. $90/quarter, WSL.

IC Collective’s TITS: The folks at IC have been producing some of the top strains in the game for a while now, and TITS may just be the pinnacle of their impressive collection. Previously known as Sour Scout, this strain offers a piercingly refined fuel-like flavors that’s sure to amaze even the most persnickety of cannabis connoisseurs. A true hybrid, TITS is ideal for nearly any situation, testing at a solid, yet manageable, 24% THC. $60/8th, WSL.

Elemental Gardens’ Lemon Skunk Dog: Leave it to our in-house team at Elemental Gardens to carry you into 2021 with a strong stash with our Lemon Skunk Dog (25.28% THC). With a pungent citrus-like aroma and tall, tree-shaped buds, LSD is aesthetically a stereotypical sativa-dominant strain, and follows through with its effects as well. Best for daytime or morning use, with mood-enhancing effects. $50/8th, WSL.

So, happy 2021, EWC Family! We are genuinely, genuinely hoping that this year brings better fortunes for us all -- do your part and be kind to your neighbor, and remember we’re all in this together. 

See you next year!