The holiday season is now upon us, and we know that our members are receiving at least a couple of gifts this month: 2020 coming to an end and a handful of new products sliding onto the menu! Here’s a round-up of some fresh selections new to the menu, perfect to help bring 2020 to a close.

KIVA Holiday Products: A longtime holiday favorite, the KIVA Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bar arrives like clockwork on the EWC menu each December! The same KIVA quality you’ve come to know and love over the years, just with a new, unique flavor that will have your taste buds begging for more. Dark chocolate sprinkled with white chocolate, dusted with peppermint candy, and packing 100mg of THC per bar. A great stocking-stuffer for yourself or a friend -- $20/each, WSL. 

If chocolate isn’t your thing, KIVA is packing the heat in more than one form this season, with their fruity Holiday Punch Gummies as well! A blend of fresh fruit flavor with a hint of cinnamon to top it off, these holiday specialities have been among our most requested products since its arrival on the menu! Currently on sale for just $15/each, WSL.

Raw Garden Live Resin Vapor Pens: The folks at Raw Garden have done it again with their ready-to-use live resin cartridges; containing 0.3 grams of oil per unit, attached to a pre-charged, and rechargeable, battery, these carts are ready to go as soon as you’re ready for them to go! With three varieties currently available, all testing at over 80% THC, we’re confident members will find these carts to be the perfect companions for the holiday season. Just $25/each, WSL.

Potli Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Raw Honey: The unique products just keep rolling in from the team at Potli -- this time we have some Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our cooking-savvy members and Raw Honey for our tea-sippers out there! The Olive Oil is a great cannabis-infused addition to any dish, weighing in at an impressive 250mg CBD and 250 mg THCa -- simply decarboxylate (heat) the oil to transform the THCa into psychoactive THC! $54/each, WSL.

New Raw Honey contains the elusive CBN, a cannabinoid that is renowned for its rest-inducing properties, thus aptly nicknamed the “Dream” variety. Offering 64mg CBN, 34mg CBD, and 30mg THC, this variety offers a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile, providing members with a synergistic cannabis experience from beginning to end. We enjoy Raw Honey with tea, but it can also be consumed by itself -- $40/each, WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, new products on your next visit -- be on the lookout for more new products to continue rolling in throughout 2021 too! Hope to see you soon.