As we dive into the heart of the holiday season, and winter sneaks up upon us, having your stash strong is crucial in these times. We’ve compiled some of our favorite features across the board, guaranteed to make your holiday season even happier this year!

Lit House’s Lemon Lava: Keep the heat and summer vibes flowing even through the winter with Lit House’s Lemon Lava (24% THC). This Lemon Heads x Lava Cake cross tastes as delicious as it sounds, with a palpable citrus flavor mixed with a cake-like sweetness. Toss in some vibrant, tree-shaped nugs with some bright purple splotches scattered throughout, and sprinkle some uplifting, mood-enhancing effects on top, and you have yourself a top-notch cannabis experience from start to finish. $50/eighth, WSL.

Clout King’s Peanut Butter Cup: Add to your holiday confection lineup this year, and bring some unique sweetness to the table with Clout King’s top-shelf Peanut Butter Cup (21.82% THC). This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid is like that 50-year-old bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for that special occasion -- a one-of-a-kind, just-opened-a-jar-of-peanut-butter aroma with some immediately calming effects. PB Cup is the perfect strain with which to celebrate the ending of one of the most tumultuous years in modern history. $65/eighth, WSL.

Beezle’s LA Cookies Live Diamonds: Leave Santa's favorite Cookies this year with Beezle’s LA Cookies Live Diamonds (71.53% THC), perfect to help wind down after a long night of sleigh-riding. We heard Santa only enjoys the creme de la creme when it comes to oil extracts, and LA Cookies is certainly that -- a refined classic Cookies flavor with markedly potent and relaxing effects. Great for Santa use or regular citizen use -- $40/each, WSL.

Jetty’s Alien OG PAX Pod: At this point, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if, for 2020’s final act, December beholds contact with alien beings. Make sure you’re on the same level as our new interplanetary friends by puffing on an Alien OG PAX Pod (82.27% THC) when first contact is made. Alien provides a subtly sweet, earthy flavor and relaxing effects that aren’t quite sedating for most. Perfect for remaining chill, yet awake, when that UFO finally touches down. $30/each, WSL.

Bhang’s Caramel Mocha Chocolate Bar: Start winter off with a Bhang -- we’ve found Bhang’s Caramel Mocha Chocolate Bar (100mg THC) is the perfect compliment to a cold evening’s hot chocolate and/or coffee. Bringing a sweet mashup of milk chocolate and Italian espresso with a hint of caramel and vanilla, these Bhang bars are conveniently separated into 10 pieces, for a manageable 10mg THC per piece. $16/each, WSL.

Ask your consultant about these and other December-suited products on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!