As we all continue to ride this roller coaster of a year together, we’re all buckling in for the latest development: a renewal of a county-wide curfew from 10PM-5AM thru December 21st. We could all use a little help to weather this latest storm (particularly our night owls out there), which is why we’ve compiled a collection of quality cartridges to keep you company after curfew for the next month. Let’s dive in.

Beezle’s DoSiDo Live Resin Cartridge: For those looking to sleep away their after-curfew hours, we recommend looking toward Beezle’s DoSiDo (73.75% THC) cartridge. Created from a blend of golden THC distillate and proprietary live-resin high-terpene full-spectrum extract, Beezle brings a powerful, yet intensely flavorful extract to the tab;e that draws perfectly from their well-designed cartridge. $45/each, WSL.

Care By Design’s 4:1 Cartridge: For the late-night busybodies that may become a bit stir crazy sitting around the house, we recommend Care By Design’s CBD carts to help calm the nerves. The 4:1 CBD:THC combo helps to provide CBD’s sought-after calming effects, while sprinkling in just enough THC to help achieve the entourage effect. Refined cherry-like flavor while providing subtle, yet palpable draws. $30/each, WSL.

Dabblicious’ Blackberry Haze Cartridge: Our longtime friends at Dabblicious bring both the flavor and the potency with the sativa-leaning hybrid Blackberry Haze (89.06% THC), perfect for an after-dinner treat. While the effects fall a bit more in line with the Haze lineage, the flavor profile leans in the Blackberry direction, providing a sweet-berry, lavender taste that is sure to appease your sweet tooth. $45/each, WSL.

Jetty’s Maui Wowie PAX Pod: Those seeking a high-potency, heavily sativa dominant cartridge will want to check out Jetty’s Maui Wowi PAX Pod. Weighing in at an astounding 91.71% THC while providing Maui’s high-energy effects, this tropical-tasting concoction will have you feeling like you’re relaxing on your own personal beach. Great to boost the spirits after curfew or to start the following day off on the right foot. $30/each, WSL.

Select’s Lemon Jack Cartridge: If Maui Wowie seems a little too intimidating in the THC department, but you’re still looking for an upbeat, sativa-dominant experience, we suggest giving Select’s Lemon Jack (82.50% THC) an honest look. Offering a citrus-like, piney flavor ready for consumption out of Select’s legendarily hard-hitting cartridges, Lemon Jack is perfect to puff on while settling in for a late-night Netflix comedy. $40/each, WSL.

So hang in there everybody, we got this! The beginning of 2021 is within sight, and hopefully with it, will come better times for us all (fingers crossed)! Ask your consultant about these, and other after-curfew products, on your next visit. Hope to see you soon!