This year, perhaps more so than any other, it’s important to keep in mind all the things we’re thankful for in our lives. It’s also critical to realize that we all share more in common than we do differences; and the one thing that has been known to bring folks from all walks of life together is of course, cannabis -- the universal language. Today, we take a look at some products on the EWC menu that we’re thankful for this November -- sure to bring your cherished ones even closer this holiday season.

Elemental Gardens’ Durban Poison: We can’t think of a better strain to lift the spirits this November than the super-sativa Durban Poison (15.88% THC) from our team at Elemental Gardens. Offering towering, finger-shaped nuggets with a pleasantly sweet and piney aroma eminanting from them, Durban is truly the prototypical sativa strain. With a manageable THC content to boot, this is the ideal strain to boost the mood without overwhelming occasional users cerebrally. On sale for $40/8th for a limited time.

King Garden’s Blue Dream: Many of us are hoping that 2020 is simply a bad dream that we’ll hopefully be awakening from shortly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, but you can turn that bad dream into a Blue Dream -- Kings Garden’s Blue Dream (20.66% THC) to be exact. Blue Dream is the perfect 50/50 hybrid, make-it-what-you-will type of experience -- use it before dinner to stimulate conversation or after dinner as a nightcap. Offering a sweet, earthy aroma and firm, bulbous buds, Dream is a favorite of novices and veterans alike. $15/gram, WSL.

Creme De Canna’s Kush Cake Shatter: If you could use something a bit stronger this holiday season (and who couldn't?), we recommend having your cake and smoking it too with Creme De Canna’s Kush Cake Shatter (67.80% THC). With a snap-and-pull consistency that offers a versatility to either dab or mix with flower, Kush Cake is a great choice no matter who's your company. Providing great value as well at just $25/gram, Kush Cake will leave you with more cash in your pocket to splurge on some extra delicacies for your Thanksgiving feast.

Beezle’s Jack Herer Live Resin Cartridge: If there’s one thing that’s pretty cool about living in 2020, it’s that we’re now capable of consuming cannabis through a portable vaporizer that can fit in your pocket. Remember when, just a few years back, this would have been unimaginable!? Take advantage of this amazing evolution in the cannabis experience with the mood-enhancing Jack Herer (77.27% THC) from Beezle. Offering a sweet, piney flavor similar to the aforementioned Durban Poison, a few puffs from this smooth-hitting Beezle cartridge should have you and your company in pure, Jack-aided bliss. $45/gram, WSL.

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops 18:1 CBD Unplugged: In light of the current political climate we find ourselves in, we don’t think we’re out of line to suggest staying away from alcohol around extended family members this holiday season. Instead, we recommend grabbing an Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops (18mg CBD, 2mg THC), which is not only not alcohol, but contains a palpable amount of CBD as well, which is known to help with stress/anxiety relief. Achieving a refined, mature flavor with help from the folks at Lagunitas, this beverage goes great with whatever Thanksgiving meal you have on the table this November! $6/each, WSL.

Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant about these and other products we’re thankful for this November! Hope to see you soon.