Fall is in full effect, but our steady stream of new products flowing onto the menu will never fall, no matter the weather! For November’s New Product Roundup, we take a look at a new batch of edibles, prerolls, and extracts that recently debuted just in time for the heart of autumn:

Potli Edibles: Our new friends at Potli introduce their line of infused cooking oils and honeys to add a little spice to our edibles selection. You can currently find seven unique Potli products, all offering unique flavors and cannabinoid content; for daytime use we recommend the Sriracha ‘Play’ (100mg THC, $26/each), whereas we’d recommend the ‘Dream’ Honey (34mg CBD, 64mg CBN, 30mg THC; $40/each). Easy to dose and specifically aimed at achieving specific experiences, our edible aficionados will be sure to find a variety that works for them!

Clout King Prerolls: Blow clouds while boosting your clout as well with a quality cone from the renowned team at Clout King. These pre-rolls are composed of Clout’s exclusive strains and are made using only full flower, without any shake or trim. Currently gracing the menu is Clout King (24.01% THC), an indica-dominant hybrid offering a pungently earthy aroma and radically relaxing effects -- ideal for evening or weekend use. $16/each, WSL.

Pretty Good Extracts: The ever modest team over at Pretty Good might be too humble to say it themselves, so we’ll say it for them: these extracts are not just pretty good, they’re VERY AMAZING! Whether you’re seeking live sauce or live diamonds, Pretty Good has found a way to deliver an exceptional product while keeping cost low. Live sauces are currently $25/gram and THCa Diamonds are $40/gram -- with three varieties currently available, we’re confident our concentrate connoisseurs will find a product to their liking.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out these and other fresh new items on your next visit -- more new product updates coming next month!